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hello Kg300, do u feel the circuit provided is sine wave/modified sine wave or some else, thanks ---------- Post added at 12:02 ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 ---------- pnjbtr, you hve' only mentioned the inverter with ka7500 or tl494.what does it mean? is it a choice for one to use tl494 or instead
Hi, what is the high level of IN , is it VDD or 2xVDD? Is the center of the two inverter fixed (connected) to a VDD supply (like in your picture)? regards
The circuit is protected by a 10 Amp fuse, so there is no reason to use so many output transistors, 4 (two per side) would handle 40 Amps! The .1 ohm resistors are to balance the currents through the parrallelled output transistors, they are wire wound. Frank
HI, Battery Storage Capacity Ratings two standard ratings are used to measure a battery's storage capacity. 1. Amp Hours: The Amp Hour rating tells you how much amperage is available when discharged evenly over a 20 hour period. The amp hour rating is cumulative, so in order to know how many constant amps the battery will output for 20 hours, you
I want a dsp2812 to generate three PWM signals and a I/O singal and input them to the MAX II starter kit . and is there a neccessity to make a middle circuit between two kits? Also, I want to generate 30 PWM singals fo
Hi I need to two clock(LO) for I, Q from one clock source (same freq. or higher) they must have same precise phase-difference(90 degree) anytime. how could i get? plz give me the keyword to search.
This is equivalent to two PMOS in series which is as if you had a one PMOS with L=L1+L2. When input is 0, the lower PMOS is in saturation since Vg=Vd. As input continues to increase to Vdd, the lower PMOS remains in saturation. The output will most of the time follow the input with a certain offset. However, when input is close to Vdd (one threshol
This circuit configuration can consume two type of power; 1. DC power, which will be consumed due to leakage current flow in FETs; 2. AC power when you operate it to high speed, as I can consume more current during transistion phase from one state to other with both the switch "ON" for very short duration.
hi all out an electronics student and doing my project. i am using pic 18f4431 microcontroller to produce two sinusoidal pulse width modulated signals that i will use to control my H bridge so that i can construct a simple inverter. i have written some code using ccs but on simulating on proteus i am not getting the required output. the
If you are using some external buffers, as for example the ULN2003-2004 series and the PNP transistors, you need to change the program in order to revers the logic levels data on the output ports or to connect another inverter gates, so that the outputs remain unchanged (the two inversion functions would "cancel" each other out so that there
Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding two interview analog questions on the website, s anyone able to solve them? Thank you very much! 1. For the following circuit, if the input is a rail-to-rail square wave, plot the wave after the inverter and vo. 57258 2. For the following circuits, Vdd=5v, tell me what ar
it is just two of two-level half bridge converter with additional diodes connected between the DC link. So the DC link mid point is no longer virtual. Lets assume the switches from top tp bottom as S1, S2, S3, S4. then, S1 and S3 makes one half bridge VSI (For positive side AC voltage) and S2 and S4 makes another VSI (For negative side AC output).
I have solar panels( 135 watts total) connected to two marine batteries going to a home made inverter of 500 watts max out. I am trying to make a pic 16F887 test the voltages from >12vdc battery (2 marine batteries in parallel) power all 5 resistors (representing the 5 most used appliances in the home). I have used a voltage divider to set the inpu
hi, i have simulated a two stage diff ring oscillator in mentor graphics tool. i have to connect inverters at the two o/p terminals to get + and - output .if i donot connect inverters i dont get output.but while doing sst noise analysis i get the error tht inverter gate is not supported for sst (...)
hi first let me tell about the is a standard/common circuit of bistable state.two inverters are connected in cascade form.Output of last one is fed back to input of first one.There is no input.Each inverter will have it's VTC and they will be mirror image of each other.They will cut in three points.two are stable and middle (...)
You can achieved that by generating four output pulse, two of port for high freq(dc-dc converter)then other two for low freq H-BRIDGE-(50-60)Hz.
Is there any single wire bootloader available? At present i don't have a MAX232 chip with i made a transistor inverter to receive serial data from RS232. Then i downloaded some bootloader by google search. But they need Tx of PIC to be connected. So, I THINK NOW I HAVE two OPTIONS, 1> A bootloader which works using one wire (TxD and G
You would simultaneously solve the NMOS ID(Vin) and PMOS ID(VDD-Vin) equations, knowing that the currents are monotonic and the greater of the two is what sets the through-current (so peak is where they are equal). Of course having Vout move at the same time is a whole 'nother dimension that is best neglected for ease. And too, you are righ
Hi , I am writing a netlist of inverter chain of two inverter using the ".subckt" function of hspice. But I am not getting the desired output. Can someone please point out the mistake ... inverter Chain .lib 'tsmc035.mod' NOM *Voltage Sources and Inputs vdd vdd gnd 3.2 vin in gnd pat 3.2 0 0n 1p 1p 5n b010101 (...)
Hello, I assume you want to make a true sine wave inverter. Such converters use a two-step approach. An isolated transformer is required to step up the low voltage DC to about 180VDC. This DC to 180VDC converter can be a H-bridge type as well. You need more mosfets, but the transformer design is easier. The second converter (that is fed from t