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i am designing the single phase half bridge inverter circuit.I used the optocoupler HCPL 3120 to drive the mosfet. My question is, can only just one HCPL 3120 is used to drive two mosfet that are high side mosfet and low side mosfet?
basically there are two reasons for using the capacitors with the crystal circuit 1. The oscillator consists of the inverter inside the PIC, the crystal, and external capacitance . The total phase shift around the loop (from one inverter terminal, through the inverter, across the crystal/capacitor (...)
Hi dzakriel, two suggestions; first, reduce your baud rate to 2400 (or even lower, if your requirement allows it). Secondly, are you sure the polarity of your transmission isnt getting inverted at the output? If it is, try sticking in an NPN transistor as an inverter at the output of your transmitter. Although this is for the Basic Stamp,
The 'best' solution is to use an RCD and also add an earth to the neutral side output of the inverter. The earth can be a link to mains earth when plugged in and an earth spike when isolated. You can leave the spike connected when the mains earth is also present. RCDs will trip under two conditions, the current is exceeded (as marked on the trip'
if EN is not the same there is no problem to do this. two clock domains can be enabled at the same time. you needn't inverter
Hi. I need a UPS to supply a refrigerator. It works with 220V AC. I have an inverter to supply it when the electricity interrupted. First, i used two contactors. Then, i changed my design to two triacs. Block diagram of my design is below. When there is electricity, T1 will be triggered and T2 is cutted off. Then, if there is no (...)
Of course it's possible. Consider that a mux can also act as an inverter. The number of possible logic circuits with two muxes is limited, you can afford to try them systematically.
Can anyone help me? Why are three inverters needed to generate non-overlapping clocks? The 3rd inverter is there for obvious reason(advice: understand the logic and you'll see why). The 1st and 2nd inverters are there to make two clocks non-overlapping with a good separation margin(advice: consider the delay).
Friends, I am trying to develop program that will drive the MOSFETs of two channels of an inverter/UPS. The complementary pulse width to each channel will be modulated depending upon the output of the UPS. I like to use software PWM utilising TMR, Interrupt etc. Please give some tip/hint (in asm.) or any link where I can have some idea on it.
Lets make an assumption: the delay for each stage be RC where C is only the load. For the first circuit: delay1 = Rinv*Cinv + Rinv*C For second circuit: delay2 = Rinv*2.5*Cinv + (Rinv/2.5)*C If you equate the two delays it will give a critical value of C which is 2.5*Cinv. Hence delay for ckt 1 is smaller for C < 2.5 Cinv and larger for C >
Hi, I want to systematically add few stuff to my circuit and then obtain the result from it by running a single ocean script. In my case I want to add two more inverter in each subsequent netlist to study the effect of tapping from delayed stages. But when I run the simulation by adding multiple design() statements, I don't see ant cha
There are two LO signals in my mixer design. One frequency is 2.5G, the other is 5G. Now I need to control the phase of of both LO signals: when the 2.5GHz signal(sine wave) is crossing the zero point, the 5GHz signal is at its lowest point. I have tried to use LO buffers(inverter chain)to set delay to the LO signals, but the result varies a lot
Hi All, I am using dsPIC33FJ256GP710 for PWM generation. As this particular MCU doesn't support any direct PWM mode, I am using the Output Compare PWM mode for generating two PWM signals from OC1 and OC2 pins. The frequency and duty cycle for the two PWM are same. Here's the code: // Initialize Output Compare Module OC1CONbits.OC
Hi. First of all, it's not necessary to zip two jpg files. There is almost nothing to gain when it comes to file size. Just upload the jpg files directly. Or even better: Use PNG instead of jpg's as it provides better compression and won't look ugly on close range. I go straight on to the problem with your circuit: The transistors will short wh
Hi, I am running a pole zero analysis via cadence spectre on a two stage opamp which consists of the classical diff pair with current mirror load and as second stage the classical common source/inverter problem is that i cannot see the RHP zero that is created via the feedforward path of the miller compensation capacitor...All t
You can use unipolar NRZ then you can split the encoder output into two parts the first one should be multiplied with cos(wt) and the second part should be inverted first and then multiplied with the same cos(wt). You can make this modulator by using NRZ encoder + inverter + oscillator + 2 mixer.
do not charge more than 2.5 to 3 amp for 18AH battery, you can use two LM317 in parallel is the simple solution, just search in google varies circuits are available including switch mode charging
If fix time period is needed then it is easy even without PWM module. For example B1 and B2 are two outputs. For 50 Htz, generate interrupt every 9ms using tmr0. Set B1 high _ wait for interrupt _meanwhile do other tasks _when interrupt occures _ set B1 low _generate 1 ms delay_ update tmr0_ set B2 high _ when interrupt occures _ set B2 low _cal
Just use 555 timer & 4017 to make a quasi sine wave generation to fireup two push pull transistor. Varying the 555 frequency, you can get the different frequency. taking the output from a different tapping of the transformer, you can have different outputs. Now you can approach in two ways. 1. First boost to regulated DC Link voltage. (Adjust
hi how to calculate the setup time of a latch made up of two back to back connected inverters.