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in 3 level diode clamped inverter i used vpulse modualtor in two different ways and with two output shapes...i need to know which is the better output wave ...the above or the lower shape...thanx
Cyclo converter and Matrix converter are two popular AC-AC converter that eliminates the need to use battery storage and inverter. These circuits ar meaningful at a high power (MW) level (only). For three phase to single phase conversion a DC bus capacitor is required as enegy storage anyway, because single phase implies pulsatin
How to implement the delay circuit in the PFD at the it two inverters connected in series ?
i have designed an inverter (5 pmos, 2 nmos), and their gates connect together. but when i run calibre PEX, it says that, there are two gates not connected, floating gate, but i connect them together indeed, and LVS is OK. why? it is very strange, has anyone met this problem before? pls help me. thanks.
To connect devices that use two different levels you need a level shifter (or logic level translator) .. In some cases it can be fixed with single-transistor-inverter, in other cases it has to be done with the 3.3V=<>=5V buffer .. But it has to be done .. Visit this site: Rgds, IanP
There are two methods for doin this -- invert 12VDC to 12VAC then use a step up transformer -- use a converter to raise the voltage upto 300VDC then invert which one you want to use
An I/Q modulator can mix phase only, provided that you control the two amplitudes to keep a constant "unit circle". I have also built phase interpolators that are simpler, summation of various taps of a polyphase inverter rack. This is a lot sloppier but maybe suitable for digital, I did it for a burst mode clock recovery unit.
what is the difference of these two inverters ? one of them I know is current starved inverter, the other I do not know the name.
There's no principical difference between using two 50VA or one 100 VA transformer. I doubt, however, that a single pair of IRF244 is good for 100 VA from 12V.
Hi How can i design NAND TO inverter USING two DIFFERENT WAYS
two (1P & 1N) HV (3.3V) mos and 1 LV (1.8V) inverter can get this job done easily.
I'm doing some design about GVCO and some problems are encountered. My structure is based on inverters, two stage inverter and one NAND gate. The frequency is adjusted by voltage controled capacitor at the output of the inverter.There are two gvco, one works at the high gating data and the other works at (...)
Its circuit is probably too complicated to make one so simply buy one. You forgot to say how much power you need. 1mW? 1000W? Buy two. They are probably cheaply made in China and when the fisrt one fails in a couple of days then use the second one.
Check the P and N type transistors. If both are symmetrical, the two inverters are same. If not... maybe something wrong... I would say there is no difference.
I want to capture screen dumps from my old (monochrome) Tektronix TDS220. It has a serial port, but I can't conveniently have a laptop available for capturing each screen "print". I'm capturing flight data in a two seat aircraft, and there's simply no room for the scope, the AC inverter, and a laptop. I borrowed a newer TEK scope with compac
Hi check this two
Simplest way for generating two phase non overlap as follows. Clock comes in on left and two outputs are non overlapped. Add/subtract invertors as delays to adjust time of non
The system is a three-stage-inverter tia(trans-impedence amplifier) with multiple feedbacks.The feedbacks are between every two of the three inverters. How to show that the system is stable?The simulation tool I used is Hspice~
Let's take a tri-state inverter for example. First two states will be normal inverter operation , which is either 0 or 1 depends on input. Third state will be the HI-Z mode, when enable, the inverter output is not connected to anything in the internal circuitry of the gate,and effectively become an open circuit which has (...)
When I simulate real-time clock crystal's open-loop with ac, there are two cases as attachment: 1)The BLUE result, it uses a ~15meg resisitor as the feedback for setting inverter's operating point. This result is what I needed. 2)The PINK result. it uses several switches in series(a switch is a nmos and a pmos in parallel) as the feedback for set