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I am drawing a layout of an inverter in cadence virtuoso layout XL. The problem is there are two layers visible in P MOS one is n well draw and other one is n well pin. and by default it (n well pin) is showing connection to VDD. As a result of this when I tried to connect the out, it is showing short circuit with vdd. I dont know how to solve this
I am going to build SPWM inverter using EGS002 module. In the data sheet of this module SPWM output filter inductor value is given 3.3mH. I want to build this inductor but I am facing following problem. In the book ?Transformer and Inductor Design ? by Colonel VM. T. McLyman there are two chapters named DC inductor Design using powder cores and an
Consider two DCR snubbers, one in each schematic resembles the action of an H-bridge sending AC square waves through a transformer.
PWM-ed lower two MOSFETs together at 7KHz with duty cycle 4-20% for testing "Together" means what it says? Switching-on left and right low side simultaneously? 4% duty cycle might be already too much, depending on transformer leakage inductance. How did you measure currents? Did you look at current waveforms?
Hello, I have a three stage ring oscillator that oscillate with 1GHz. each delay is a simple inverter. I use a tri state inverter in parallel to the first delay stage in ring structure. The frequency difference between two state of connecting and disconnecting the tri-state inverter is limited to 50MHz. Even the w/L of (...)
i need two levels of voltage to be fed to the motor. i.e, 90V and 230V. Why, particularly? Usually motor voltage is varied continuously by means of pulse width modulation. why cant we directly give the boost converter output to inverter. You can, if no isolation is required and the voltage level is appropriate fo
It is easy to sweep parameters in cadence/hspice, but how to sweep the number of devices? For example, I want to know the simulation results with one inverter, two inverter, three inverter.... How can I set the number of inverter and sweep? Thanks.
According to a Danfoss compressor data sheet, there are two start circuits in use, a contactor controlled capacitor start circuit and a "resistive" PTC circuit. The OP apparently supplemented a start capacitor to the PTC starter circuit and achieved lower inrush current. Industry standard compressors have rotating induction motors, not oscillati
Dear all, I have designed a minimum inverter size in 65nm CMOS (W/L=150nm/60nm). I want to calculate the current consumption and leakage of the inverter. I have two cases as below: Case#1 (calculating total current): the input of the inverter is a normal clock (from 0V to Vdd). I measure the current from the (...)
Suppose i have captured a schematic of inverter. I used UMC180nm and in from it i used only noms(N_18_) and pmos(P_18_). Which library file should i add for these two transistor in IC5 from where do i get the list to for adding library with respect to each used component.
I design a circuit of Modbus and GSM with two different regulators. Modbus need voltage >4.8 and GSM need 4 volt so i used 7805 (1Amp) with Max485 and atmega8 converter and LM2596 (3Amps) Adjustable regulator to power up GSM board . and input supply is 12V/2A adapter. when i use this circuit to read data from inverter and send data using http requ
There are two reasons for delay improvement using inverter; 1. Compared to Buffer, inverter cell delay is less 2. And using two inverter, RC delay delay is further divided & improving transition & delay ---------------------------------------------------------------------->| ---[
i have an idea, i want to build a counter with cmos latch(two inverter back-to-back connected), not with D flip--flop, may i? but i got the bad results, it did not work. can anyone give me some advice? can this be realizable?
128912 1)first stage of 2 series diff amp. It says its level shifting. What level does shift from and to? 2)at the output stage, two inverter with their output tied together. What's purpose of that?
1)why use a bunch of Capactior as offset for something? Does that increase load and timing? 2)what's advanatge of using two staged differential Amp like this? 3)I cannot tell what's the actual load of the Out. crossed inverter and there's a clokc in between? and there's clk outside of that. what's purpose of that?
Hi all, I read about paper where in which we can implement , unipolar hysteresis current control of H-Bridge inverter(inverter with R-L load, load current sensed) by using two hysteresis bands, smaller band for one leg of inverter and larger band for other leg of inverter. This method works and i tested (...)
If direction of current changes the output of circuit should be changed from (high to low) OR (low to high) You need a zero crossing voltage comparator to turn sine wave voltages into square waves. You need a zero crossing current comparator that turns the current into square waves. Feed the two above comparato
please help I need to draw butterfly for Write NM for SRAM cell I cut down the inverter into two halves to get the VTC for both INVA and INVB as it is shown in the figure, the result should be as shown in the graph but I got different result, the green curve is wrong while the red one is right, What is the problem with this curve ?? Please
Hello, I am using AMS to try mixed signal simulation with two inverters: one is in analog with nmos/pmos, the other is in verilog with "assign out =~in;", and the analog inverter will drive the digital one. The plot is not very precise as expected that the digital output didn't rise or fall corresponding to the vthi/ vtlo. 125
I am working on a 500Watts inverter with 360V output, and I cant decide which switching component to be used.. is it IGBT or MOSFET.. In my inverter I will use two frequency, one is higher which is 60KHz and the other one is lower which is 60Hz. both side will experience 360V from my DC-to-DC converter. As I have searched both has (...)