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Hello, i succed to simulate two monopole antenna in hfss but i dont understand the simulation results because i m beginner in hfss: The difference betwen S11, S22; S21 and S12; RF books will teach you about S-parameter. Guillermo Gonzalez, "Microwave Transistor Amplifiers, Analysis and Design, 2nd. Ed.", Pr
You can simulate your design in two states: 1) when the switch is open: put its open circuit equivalent circuit in place of the switch 2) when the switch is closed:put its closed circuit equivalent circuit in place of the switch (or simply replace it with a strip of PEC)
Hi. I have an array antenna(with two element).the elements are λ/4 monopole antenna. distance between of elements is λ/4,also. I want to simulate this array in I used from two lumped port for two antenna with same "port line" in hfss as (...)
What is your purpose? Are you trying to use the LCD to somehow modulate the antenna function, or are you just putting an antenna in proximity to a LCD display? I had to work close to an LCD display with a monopole antenna once for use in shopping cart handles. There are two types of LCDs: one has a big (...)
hi the radiation box with length of 80 mm is OK for this but u encountered with one or two problem when u simulated in fast mode for 2-18GHz (i never done with other method for UWB antenna ) if u done it for 3.1-10.6 or 2-12 it may be not appear
Hello guys, I am designing an antenna similar to a monopole. There are two parts, the ground and the signal. Do I need one or two waveports? Ive put one waveport at the signal pin. If the waveport is exactly as the pin (copper), the program reports an error. The error dissapear if the waveport is bigger than the (...)
In hfss "attach" is "connect", ensure the two parts you want to connect have same point(or points) is enough
Try toi use two cylinder coaxial, the inner is by metal, the outer is metal too (for ex pec condition), the inner connect to the patch, the outer connect to GP, WP at one head, 50 Ohm request. Added after 37 seconds: Try toi use two cylinder coaxial, the inner is by metal, the outer is meta
I have tried the following, i have designed a two half wavelength 3.5 ghz antennas with the a phase shift in the middle using a meander line, I am not sure if this can be done. Does anyone with experience of designing these antennas be able to help out.... The file is hfssv11
Hello, I am designing a halfwave microstrip dipole(not a patch antenna), which consists of two rectangular monopole strips of quarter wavelength each. I am simulating it in hfss and I cannot achieve the 2.14dB which is the theoretical gain of a single dipole. My gain is around -2.5dB. Can anyone suggest the possible (...)