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Hello, I am new to SPI communication and confused looking at two different examples of application using SPI communication. 1) pic16 Connected to MAX7219 via Soft SPI interface. 2) Example given on mikroe Site to use SPI application. Now i am comfused why 1st example the author had completed re-written the Soft_SPI_Write Subroutine ?
hello i got confused about interrupt happening in microcontroller. what would happen ,when interrupt occurs while interrupt executing? frequency and time relationship of microntroller?
Hi, any software to convert assembly to c language? or any software to convert c language to assembly? please recommend to me if you know. thx. below are two program written in c.language. anyone can help me to convert these into assembly language for pic16f? Thanks!!:grin: PROGRAM 1: #include __CONFIG(0x3f71); const
HAI Yesterday i bought a mplab icd2-usb support kit, now i want to load a program in pic16 controller , so i am following the manual pdf file but in pdf file t indicate icd2 target board to use foe loading program but i have two board target board and pic flasher board so which board i shoud use
Is it possible to combine two 8 bit ports in 877A as a single 16 bit port so that i could perform 16bit shift and other bitwise operations...This is a dirty way which it depends on MCU,compiler,endian..... Poor portability, good performance.... EX: to use HTC for pic16volatile unsigned short int PORT
You absolutely MUST do that or all the register addresses will be wrong. The '.inc' file holds the cross references of register and pin names to their real numeric values. They are completely different between the two devices. Brian.
Hello, I am no expert, but I would say yes. The only real difference between the two is that the 16C84 is OTP ROM, and the 16F84 is flash ROM.
It is the entire firmware. I have also modifyed an "old" ICD1 with 18F252 10 MHZ crystal and the extracted firmware. Programmed it into the 18F252 and it is an ICD-S40 now :D Please note that there are two versions one for pic16 and one for PIC18 depends which chips xou want to program with the ICD later ... best regards[/quot
Hi, there is only one interrupt priority on the pic16 series only PIC18 series has two interrupt priorities ... 1) your program can have as many interrupts as your PIC supports but you can not set priority and you can also not do anything to prevent a few interrups triggering at the same time. 2) no as this is not supported with (...)
If you use pic16 series you must implement a software communications and you can find on the web many implementations. It?s up to you how manage the communication flow. Of course you can find two hardware USART on PIC18FXX20 series?.
Pic Basic Pro is a compiler, nothing more. pic16PRO is hardware. two seperate things. you need software to run the compiler (i HIGHLY recommend MicroStudio for programming with PBP) and you need seperate software to run your pic16PRO. you can buy the pic16PRO for $15US, so its not really worth the time/money to build it (...)