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i need help for solve a problem to lna design?
I tested a S band (3G) lna with two stage. The last stage is a FET( I guess so.), its Vds=4V. Vgs=-0.6V, Id=20mA. On its case, there is "101" and a dot. Its gain at 3G is about 17dB, P1dB is about +13dBm. Who know this FET part number? And, The FET source voltage is about 0.6V, and gate link to GND through a bias (...)
Dear microwave colleagues, the specs are: 1.6-1.7 GHz, NF<0.75 dB, G>=30 dB (2-stage amp), absolute stability within the whole frequency range of the devices. It will be used for a weather-satellite reception with a 1.5m dia dish. The circuit should be a discrete-design two-stage amplifier. As a first stage an Avago (...)
I used the ADS to do the simulation,then it was found that one stage lna is stable, but the two stage is not stable, I want to know What is the reason?And How can I do with it?Thank u~
what's the advantage and disadvantage two/three stage lna in term of NF, linearity and voltage gain? (source please) Same question about differential lna? (source please) TX
Bullocks. The reason why most broadband amplifiers have high noise figure is because they consist a one or two-stage amplifier with resistive feedback applied around them. These resistors inject additional noise into the amplifier, which is substantially higher than that of a narrowband lna, but pretty constant over frequency.
First option due to lower Gain have better intremodulation behavior. Second option has higher Noise Figure, but higher Gain. The most important contributor to the system NF is the first stage. The Insertion Loss of the first filter it will add dB by dB to the total system NF. Using two filters improves the out of band interference.
hi to all we designed two stage lna ,fabricated and tested our circuit. and even we finished presentaion also. but our supervisor asked us to write the answers for two questions in our report the questions are how your work connects to other research in the area and what is the importance of your findings. This must (...)
i want to deign a lna operated for 17~18GHz using mic technique(two stage). design goal:nf<1.8dB,gain>18dB,vswr(out)<2 please give me some hemt(not hemt chip). and what should i noitce for such hign frequency design. (i've designed many lnas for upper x band) give me some advice and papers or design examples please. (...)
Try using two stages. Also try using a double cascode. That is put a second common gate transistor stage on top of the one now included. The other factor that your simulator may not include is the layout effects. There will be electric and magnetic coupling around your circuit which may have a detrimental effect for you.
Design a two-stage lna, and make the interface mismatch. And check the following things--- 1) the output resistance of 1st stage lies in the stable region of 2nd stage's input stability circle plot. 2) the input resistance of 2nd stage lies in the stable region of 1st (...)
This report describes the design of a two-stage broadband low-noise-amplifier (lna) for the frequency range from 3 GHz to 9 GHz, using GaAs MESFETs with an ft of 20 GHz. The passive components were implemented with microstrips. In the frequency band of operation, the achieved noise figure (NF) is within 0. 5 dB from the minimum NF of a (...)
Hello, I have in my IC an lna and two stage downcovertor along with a VCO+.... . The first mixer is standard Bipolar circuit. I observe a lot of harmonics ( these are components from theee Divisors in PLL ) whenever the lna matching components are close to the mixer 1 out put pins ( this output is differential). (...)
Hi, I am defining the specifications for a new RF IC. What is the procedure that I should follow? 1) Define all the functions ( Direct down conversion or two stage down conversion, ADC, lna (NF, gain,... ) Digital Functions) and then the architecture and process OR 2) Fix the process (CMOS, SiGe,...) and architecture and see what (...)

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