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A tutorial on Data Interface and cables You can build then this use these two programs (SIO reference): You can start reading page 133 of this pdf fi
most compilers have extenssions to 'pipe' serial data to ordinary i/os and also to from the uart or use two pic's {pic 508/9 springs to mind} or as above if speed is an issue then use a dual uart one ... if your just reading data use the software uart approch you can make the code and compile it fully (...)
I have trouble getting uart FIFO buffer to work as the way I I pushed one byte into FIFO,it works ok,SBUF sent it out,but it does not if I push two bytes consecutively using two PUSH() subroutines. Ask for suggestions.Thanks a lot.
It is programmed serially via uart - it has a built-in bootloader. Please read the DS89C420 user manual and the appropriate appnote from The following two links are for the downloading software for PC: ftp://ftp.d
hi i need to have two Tx and Rx for serial communication using 16F877 but unfortunately it has one uart.Any suggestions to accomplish this.?
i'd use the dspic, it already has a 12-bit adc muxed to 8 channels. write a routine that sends a two byte code to signal the start of a frame, then send the 16-bit channel + data info you described. let the uart take care of all the framing, etc - much easier than trying to glue-logic a discrete uart to a parallel out ADC. PS - other (...)
Hello to all, I am looking for a bluetooth module with uart interface (only serial port profile needed) for wireless data transfer between two microcontrollers. But I have the requirement that the power consumption must be very low, less than 1.0mA, in standby mode, that is, in a connectable/discoverable mode (page/inquiry scan). All the
I have been searching on their PDF product selecor guide but they had not indicated how many uart a chip contains. Can someone suggest PIC micros wiht two or more uarts. Thanks.
The atmega64L and 128L (8 Bit)from Atmel are running with 3.3V and has two uarts. or the MSP430F149 (16 Bit) from Texas.
Hi! I'm doing reverse engineer for an obsolete product which uses a MC68008P8 microprocessor and a MC68681P uart. These two parts are obsolete. Can anyone tell me any alternative parts (with minimum modification on the circuit) for replacing these two parts? Anyone has their datasheets? Thanks in advanced
PLEASE HELP ME Friday I have to consign a project for manage a serial communication between two MSP430 but I have a big last problem. In simulation it's all ok but during the real connection there's no signal on the serial cable. I defined a personal protocol using pins of general port P0, I can't use uart protocol! Someon
It depends from levels ttl or RS232 ! 1. U can install the controller with two ports like Cygnal ( ) 2. Implement it on any pin by software ( usaly u do need to transmit back to GPS module ? u need onle to read GPS data) 3. Install some kind of switches like MAX4544 and periodicaly comutate yhe needed device to the one port o
I`m new to Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. I have a basic doubt reg the uart. Is it possible to connect two devices to a single uart in a microcontroller and use them at different times by enabling one and disabling the other?
hey, does anyone have examples of what the C code should look like to set up a uart to uart connection between two of these chips(or any chip with similar USART hardware). I think I'm pretty close to having it all figured out, but it's not as streamlined as I would like it. Thanks
Hi all, in one protoype board I have a 16f877 bridging with two peripherals through the embedded uart (receive only, 57600,8,n,1 IRQ based) and a software one (transmit only,9600,8,n,1 blocking) At power-up the peripheral send its message but the uart IRQ seems not work (I've tried to move a port upon entering ISR). Only if I manually (...)
hi :) TUSB3410 provides two uarts you need, (one is the legacy 8052 uart, the other is an enhanced uart) and if you enumerate your device as a CDC you won't need to develop any special PC-side drivers, but you've got to develop the firmware yourself. TUSB3410 also provides two GPIO pins, which might be (...)
FT2232C Dual USB uart / FIFO The FT2232C is the 3rd generation of FTDI?s popular USB uart / FIFO I.C. family. This device features two Multi-Purpose uart / FIFO controllers which can be configured individually in several different modes. As well as a uart interface, FIFO interface and Bit-Bang IO modes of
Hi Hoclv, may be u can use DS80C320 from Dallas semiconductor for design with two serial port. :roll: siswanto