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how to access the data array of 16 bit dspic30f using uart?? if any one having example code kindly post it....thanx in advance.... do you wish to transmit the data in binary (each 16bit word as two bytes) or a text strings using sprintf() to convert the integer data to text? do you have the c
Which RFID are you using and in what format it gives out data ? Are you using SIM900 ? You need two uart to interface GSM and RFID. Which MCU and what crystal frequency do you want to use ?
GSM is used only to send SMS ? If yes, then connect 5V TTL Rx pin of GSM to Tx pin of PIC. Connect 5V TTL Tx pin of GPS to Rx pin of PIC. If GSM is used to send and receive SMS then use PIC18F46K22. It has two uart.
There are two possible solutions 1. you can use Auto baud rate detection code on Microcontroller side 2. you use SPI or I2C, in which master send the clock. In your case it will be your microcontroller. On other side you need another microcontroller which convert ur SPI or I2C data to PC uart
I am using two nrf24l01 in my project at both end for wireless communication between both. If I uses more than two such devices, how should I encode it for multiple devices ?
Hi, I want connect a one wire temperature sensor with uart. My problem is a two registers of measurement is always equal 255 ( temp_LSB and temp_MSB). And I have problem that int USART2_Read() { // while ((USART2->SR & USART_SR_RXNE) == 0); return USART2->DR & 0x1FF; } while ((USART2->SR & USART_SR_RXNE) == 0); mu
Yes, you need 2 X MAX232. You have to connect male DB9 connector on one end and femal DB9 connector on the other side and use a male to female RS232 cable to connect between these two DB9 connectors. DB9 connectors will be at the RS232 side of MAX232 and microcontroller's uart lines will be interfaced to TTL side of MAX232. You can use 9600 bps or
Hi, I am currently using AT89C2051 to measure the width of two PWM signals connected to two external interrupts (INT0 and INT1) available on pins P3.2 and P3.3 respectively. Now, I need to measure another PWM signal using external interrupt. I wanted to know whether there is some 8051 based CHEAP controller (preferably without ADC and with minim
Hello everybody, I want to communicate two efm32 mcu via spi. I started with simple uart interrupt driven and then polling and I was able to receive data. But when i switched to the USART (adding CLOCK), i couldn't receive the data in the slave mcu. Could any one explain me what am I missing ?
Hello! Recently I bought two zigbee drf1605H module, and two drf2618A uart to usb module. Downloaded the DTK zigbee configurator, and TI sensor monitor. My problem is that, when I try to configure one of these module to router, can't change the Pan id, it's alaways shows FFFE in pan id field. If i configure the second module to (...)
Section 6.6 in the user manual explains how you can setup and use uart in codevision - - - Updated - - - You can also take a look it the two USARTs and LCD example that can be found www.hpinfo
Dear Helper, I am working on my personal project in which I need to do communication between two devices, for instance a PIC - PIC or let say PIC - multi slaves (Master - slaves, bidirectional communication), where I am trying to do bidirectional communication, also I am working on how could I send request from master in order to retrieve specif
is anything displayed on the LCD? is the uart receiver interrupt driven? if not you have probably lost all the information received as the uart receive buffer is only a two byte FIFO
it is possible you have the incorrect baud rate or you are loosing charcacters e.g. if you are using two uarts 1. 38400 to modem 2. 9600 to a PC if you receive characters from the modem at 38400 and then transmit to PC at 9600 unless you use uart receive interrupts you will miss more than half the modem data let us have more (...)
You'll think about suitable debugging means for your problem. Hardware means: - an oscilloscope to monitor the Rx and Tx data - an uart spy adapter that taps Rx and Tx data and send it to a PC, at best two RS232 channels and Docklight software Software means: - AVR in system debugger Regarding possible baudrate problems. The usual way is to
Dear all, I want to include a microblaze as a component in a top level VHDL code. microblaze will do two things: 1- I'll use its uart to in and out the program data through hyperterminal 2- It will control partial reconfiguration. For the first purpose I didn't know how to communicate between the data in from uart and (...)
Hi, I'm new to CAN, want to implement CAN using LPC2364. I'm using two lpc2364 boards and connected the RXD & TXD pins, and sending data from one CAN to another and the recieved data to uart. I'm not able to understand how to communicate b/w the boards. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Hello guys, I am facing an issue, where I can't manage to work SPI interface connection between two atmega's. Basically, I am trying to get data from slave avr uart input and send it to master uart pin through SPI. I guess the problem would be somewhere in code (maybe opening SPI connection...). If anyone could take a look and comment (...)
atemga16 could work you have to create a Software uart for RFID (if the rfid device o/p is Serial) and one uart for GSM as you need to send Data to server , or else simply find for mcu having two uart from atmel website then select it and do the things !!
hi, i am currently trying to make a board using two uart comm. one is pc to board the other is board to board. and i am using 18f2520 and internal osc with pll. my problem is pc to board connection is fixed baud rate and 9600, never changes. but the other, board to board connection has to be variable baud rate. i mean it initially sends an in