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hello, Maybe the trouble is on receiving part. and need to manage a buffer to store all incomming char , by using recieve interrupt . no when i use printf function with something like printf("my character") only first two characters are shown correctly the others are junk, it needs some time between every single c
Hi, I am working on a application where I need two timers with 20kHz and independent duties. I have micro controller on board but it gives me only one timer channel output. Is there some IC exist which can accept some command via I2C or uart and generate two timer outputs? Thanks in Advance for you support; Umesh
Hi everyone.... I am working on a project havin two 89s52 microcontrllers using uart comm.... I am able to send conditions of ports of slave micro to master.... Is there possibility to send a string from slave to master.... If yes than please suggest me what I have to do for this.....
Hi, Every one First of all i wanna thank this forum it is much helpfull for begainers Sir I want to communicate two microcontroller (at89s52) through i2c i m totally new in this feild i hav knowlegde about i2c .. But sir i want help frm u guys how can i communicate them plz help me with a short example.........
I want to use two uart software. So I modified the lib SW_uart the C18 compiler (as putsuart, putcuart, TX and RX pin). My doubt is .. how to include this modified files in my project? Thank you
Hi, If you are using simple serial wired connections then you must have a common ground connection between the two units. Think you are really saying you want a wireless connection, that can only be achieved by using extra hardware such as bluetooth, IR, Ultrasonic, Xbee etc etc, the choice depends on price, range and if out of line of sight.
You just need to make sure that one and only one of the slaves is transmitting at one time; the other two need to have their outputs tristated. Are these all on the same PCB? You might want to look at I2C or SPI.
RD0 will switch from one uart path to the other but bear in mind that you can't use both together. If data arrives on the disabled path it is lost forever, it won't wait there until you select it again. If you need to use two uarts simultaneously, there are three options: 1. Use a PIC with two uarts built (...)
The finger print module can be directly connected to PC. Why do you need micro for that? You are connecting both FP module and PC to micro using uart? You have two uart?
use software uart or hardware multiplexing........... i dont know what is software uart ( does it mean it doesn't need hardware interface and i have to implement the timing and those thing on software ?!!!!! because thats really difficult i think ) and how is hardware multiplexing ? i have know idea [COLOR="silv
Hi hemnath, I have checked the link you posted for learning SIM908 for learning GSM/GPRS/GPS... , I think it is a good one It has got lots of modules and most interestingly two separated uart cable to connect GSM signal and GPS signal respectively to your PC. 92424 Give it a try and post all you learn for community to
Without knowing the exact MCU or RF module you're using, here's two general possibilities: 1) Most RF modules output logic low when they signal an interrupt. Your statement that "when portb.f0=1 the interrupt occurs" suggests you may have set it up in reverse. 2) I think you're probably using a PIC16, which I'm not directly familiar with.
The ATMega162, ATMega164 and ATMega324 offer two uarts. Additional options are list in the search results
multiplexing uart Tx RX pin to communicate with two modules I am using GPS,Zigbee and GSM now all three requires uart. I have 89v51rd2 and it has only 1 TX Pin and 1 RX pin.. (P3.1 and P3.0) i tried to use CD4052 but it didn't work.. and other multiplexer i can use... at least GPS and GSM i can used with one uart for (...)
I've used the F120 for this purpose. I wrote the values out using the uart (RS-232) to Hyperterminal running on a PC. You only have to use two wires Tx and Rx and ground to the PCs serial port. If its new it might not have a serial so use a USB to serial cable. Use a high baud rate and keep the message very short else you will slow down your code.
You only transmit fixed-length data. If you need to transmit 9 bits, then you are going to have to transmit two bytes with the second byte containing 7 dummy bits.
Hello, I' using CCS C example of code for uart communication between one Master and one Slave. It's work well. However, i'm trying now with two Slaves, One Master and i have problem. 2 slave data transmission on the master was wrong I do not know how to address the slave, Who has successfully share information code master #include <16f
PIC 16f1527 have a two uart ports. Am using uart1 for my application. See my uart program,any problem in uart1 configuration registers? I need standard (tested) uart program or uart configure register format. FOSC=20MHZ. Baudrate calculated by using datasheet SPBRG (...)
yes. First you could find a micro-controller with two uarts. Second you could put another micro-controller in order not to change your hardware too much and communicate with the second micro and the second micro provide the extra uart you need. Secondly you could use a RS232 translator such as max232 which has 2 uart (...)
What is the meaning ? PIC16f1527 EUSART module includes the following capabilities: two-character input buffer One-character output buffer