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for any thing over 1m (3feet) i suggest interconnect by rs232 (two max232 at both ends) my tests showed that rs232 could work until 40m (over 100 feet) but it's over the recomendation/regulation but it worked any way... for over 10m(30 feet) it's always recomended to use to RS485/RS422 it will work up 1000 meters (1km) for something lower tha
Please i need help : i have two separated electronic cricuit that communicate via uart, see attached, i didn't put directly the RX and TX of the two circuit i added transistor, i need help on how to protect my circuit from ESD or another
Hi all, I am developing an communication system an it does have an micro-controller an 16bit Texas MCU.. My doubt is: Using single MCU Will I be able to talk with my peripherals probably two of them using I2C protocol and simultaneously communicate with another peripherals using uart/SPI protocol (because it does not sup
you will need two serial ports for this or if your controller doesn't have two uarts then make one software serial uart, it can be easily done if your compiler supports software uart
i m doing my GPS tracking Project. and stuck in the $GPRMC string filtering as the GPS M-89 HOLUX (uart)serial transmit number of strings so our focus is on filtering gprmc string. we are using pic 16f877A , so for testing i use two virtal terminal same 9600bps, attached the tx of first virtual terminal to rx of controller, and attached rx of se
two questions: 1. If you disconnect the ATmega and connect Rx and Tx on the PC (?) do you receive what you transmit? 2. If you reconnect the ATmega, what do you see on Rx and Tx using an oscilloscope? I think you should enable the uart after setting the frame format, not before.
we cant just combine the two uC's uart to the bluetooth module or the PC , isnt it ? No, you can't just combine the TxD lines. It's however simple to disable the TxD line of one uC or use an external multiplexer. But you need a method to control which processor actually accesses the Bluetooth channel at a time. The same probl
What speed is the uart running at, the photo transistor with a 6.8K load will have a relative low frequency cutoff. Fiddle the circuit so the laser is "on", measure the voltage at the collector of the phototransistor, call this Vsat. Switch the laser off and measure Vsat. Is there a good change of voltage between the two values? .5 - 4.5V? Coul
device is 3in1 converter: USB ? RS232, RS485 and uart. A fully dedicated system FT232RL acts as the converter. It is seen in the system as a COM port, and is assisted by two MAX232 and MAX485 systems. Any settings of the converter can be made through the system as it is in a norm
hi, microchip pic product page for pic18f46j50 states that this chip has 2-A/E/USART ports. i checked datasheet but it doesn't mention about second uart pin. can anyone tell me where is the second uart located? i wanted to use 2 rx/tx serial port in my application thanks
I'm using two channels for my ADC. So, upon processing them, i'll get two 10-bit values. I need to transmit them serially using Zigbee(uart). How am I to send two 10-bit values while the maximum frame size for uart is 9-bit? Thanks in advance
There are several ways to encode the start of new data. One method is to use a unique start/stop byte, say xFF. But now you can't have xFF in your data, so xFF is represented by two BYTES, say xFE, xFE. And xFE is represented by xFE, xFD. So, whenever you see two consecutive xFF's in your data stream, you know it's the start of a new block. Whe
I am using microC uart library to communicate between two PIC devices. but it always gives unexpected results. I have some point to get clarified.. (1) in microC library we use uart1_Data_Ready() function to get to know whether RX data is available. if we use uart1_Read() function, after (...)
Hi, I'm using aduc7022 microcontroller custom board and I have two GPIO pins (SPM4, SPM5) I want to use as RS232 Tx and Rx. ( ) Is there any white paper, a reference source or any kind of information that might be useful on these kind of microcontrollers about implementing RS232 on GPI
For an example on an uart example from me, look here: communication problem between two FPGA board through uart it also includes test benches. One of the files (serialout.vhd) is equivalent to uart_TX, using a clock enable, as suggested by TrickyDicky.
Preferably use a PIC with more serial interfaces. Otherwise, use any available "poor man's" methods to work with existing PIC: - slow software uart - sequential usage of the hardware uart through external multiplexer In case of the MODBUS communication, do you necessarily need two separate bus segments? I guess, the GSM communication (...)
yes dude i can do help but i can help in only avr and codevision avr... but this projects is so cool in that case if you are confusing with two uart then use single uart first then use soft relay timely to switch between these two uart
FT2232 will work as a virtual COM port by default, you have to install the standard FTDI drivers if not already present on your computer. After that, the device exposes two virtual COM ports, you can access it e.g with Hyperterminal. On the PIC24 side, one of the existing four uartS has to be configured in the usual way.
First you have to start with basics bluetooth interfacing. get two modules 1> usb based pc bluetooth 2> uart based ready to interface bluetooth for uC. then learn communication between these two.
You can use SPI or you can use uart, there is no need to use max232 between the two atmega. max232 is only needed to interface the AVR with the PC to generate the higher voltage levels needed at the Pc side Alex