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i am uses the two uart0 and uart1. only one uart is active at a same time. i implementing both uart in my application. individually both are working fine. but the next part is the optional part for communication so that if uart0 is active uart1 is disabled and viseversa. (...)
Hi friends May you please help me with a c program of communicating 2 Bluetooth modules RN-42 using usart/ uart ( pic 18f2420 microcontroller) thanks
Anyone can please help me to sort out the problem, actually i want to interface two dspic33 micro controller with the help of uart, actually problem is that master dspic33 uart1TX can communicate with slave dspic33 uart1RX but not with the uart2RX , is their any setting have to do for communication (...)
Hi, does your board have two serial (RS232) ports? Is it a Xilinx board? If so, the ports are one for internal uart (fpga) and the other for external uart which is on the board. If you are implementing the uart on fpga, you need to use the internal port. Assign the uart rx/tx signals to the internal (...)
I am doing a project in which two MCU communicate to each other by RS485. I used a uart to RS485 IC on each side, so the communication is actually through uart. I have done the hardware and software, after debugging for a long time, they can communicate now. However, in my protocol, if a package is dropped, the communication will stop. (...)
It isn't clear what you want. Are you trying to send two characters "?" then "f" as a command to start an LCD clearing routine or are you trying to send them directly to the LCD? And why on Earth are you using a software uart when there is a hardware one inside the PIC? Using the hardware one makes the code MUCH easier to write and far more relia
Hello, I'm uncertain about one thing and hope somebody here can clear it out for me. I need to connect two uC together, one is PIC18F working on 5V and the other one is M16C working on 3.3V. My question is it ok to simply connect them together or do i have to use some level shifting or simple resistors will do. The M16C can work on both 3.3v
HI guy. I am doing a project which I wanna interface my Microcontroller with a GPS and XBEE. this means I need to serial ports(two aurt) which controller is useful for this idea..........Need your help THanks.
You can check these two links with transmission from the PC (using c#) and receiving on the 8051 micro: 8051 uart: 8051 Serial Communication uart c# uart: C# examples for serial port comunication
I have two controller in my design. i plan to use SPI interface between the controllers is there any other method to make the programmer life easy ? Binu G
Hi, For interfacing two dsPICs, you could use parallel communication, simply just connect one port of one dsPIC to one port on the other dsPIC and send/receive data. A more efficient method would be to use serial communication. You could use SPI/I2C(TWI)/uart. uart would be simple and requires only 2 pins (for bidirectional data transfer) (...)
how to specify multiple clock domains in xilinx sysgen i want my modules to be clocked by two external clock signal ie, my uart should run at 16MHZ clock , and my image processor sending the sync out throuh uart for debugging work at 80MHZ
thank u for ur reply. how do u concordinate these two bits in matlab
Hi, I am using a pic 30F4011 and would like to send information from uart to a BT Module ARF32. I only have two lines on uart (RX and TX). The other two lines CTS and RTS is not included on a develop board from Microchip dsPICDEM2. I can send information from uart so this thing works, but with BT module (...)
its simple to use serial interfce (USART). it need only two pins. if you don't know ablout the interfaces like serial, SPI or I2C. connect any IO port of the two ICS and transfer data as your using it for a switch or LED. which c compiler you are using.
Port 0 The P0 port is characterized by two functions. If external memory is used then the lower address byte (addresses A0-A7) is applied on it. Otherwise, all bits of this port are configured as inputs/outputs. Port 1 P1 is a true I/O port, because it doesn't have any alternative functions as is the case with P0, but can be cofigured as gener
Hi! I'm having a problem with connecting these two devices. So far I know I have to connect it through uart but I don't have a clue how. What sort of cable should I use? I looked through documentation of both devices, and I found uart0 and uart1 in my LPC and don't know the difference. The only thing that I know is that (...)
Hi Friends, I have developed a communication in between two microcontrollers through uart. Just send a char from Main micro and received the char by Slave micro successfully. Basically the slave micro is there for update 240X240 pixels dot matrix LCD. So what ever the data send from Main micro the Slave micro has to update on the LCD. Likely there
hi all, i'm working on a positioning project, using a sim508 evaluation board(evb) and a simple board for an atmega32 micro controller. i have problem connecting these two together through usart(Rx and Tx pins): both evb and avr board are working well independently (while testing with PC), but when i connect them(evb and board) toge
There are microcontrollers with 2 uartS, eg. DS89C420 (8051-architecture) The DS89C420 provides two uarts which are controlled and accessed by SFRs. Each uart has an address that is used to read and write the uart. The same address is used for both read and write operations, and the read and write (...)