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Dear Friends, I am working with open RTOS for one of my Application. The controller i am using is LPC2478. I am developing an industrial automation application. I have to communicate two uart Port at a time. While doing so, i am facing a problem on priority. Can you please assist me on Accessing the 2 uart on a single time. Need a (...)
You also need one select line switching the port. In addition you have to think about the level of the unselected output pins (TX and RTS). They may need pull-up or pull-down resistor to prevent them from floating. By the way, it's not completely obvious why you can't use two separate uarts with a processor, that has at least two, (...)
These are indeed two separate registers (one read only, one write only), but I had a situation when I thought I was writing to an uart data output register and reading looped back data from uart data input register, while in fact it was an ordinary memory location... :) Try to write the output data and read the input data immediately. The (...)
Hello I was asking if it is possible to make two gprs modules connect with each other directly through gprs data network is it possible ? if yes, what are the settings needed to establish the connection (either from the mobile operator or from the terminal device)
uart and SPI are two independent communication protocols and have nothing to do with eachother
Hello; I want to transmit and receive some data between two Microcontrollers wirelessly. Therefore, I buy two microcontrollers, one transmitter and one receiver. Microcontroller: PIC16F877A Receiver: ARX-433-ULC Transmitter: ATX-433-IA Modulation Protocol of Transmitter and receiver is OOK (on-off-keying) .I think if I use uart (...)
Best way for the two to communicate is through uart as both have one. Where do you get the USB from because neither one has a USB!? If you are talking about the LPC2148, which is basically a LPC2138 with USB, then check the NXP website for USB drivers or go here to This is for a USB inte
hi, i m ashish from allahabad(india).i m involved in a project which require me to program pic 18f8722.i m using a picdem pic 18 explorer demonstration board(with pic 18f8722).i need to connect it to a gsm modem by serial port(uart) provided in board to serial port in gsm module.i have two problems 1) i need program in c so that i can send a sms(
Hello all, I am using PIC simulator IDE to simulate my assembly code written for pic16f877a with oscillator frequency 16MHz. I am sending data to uart. In my code i can adjust the delay between sequent transmission as follows. movf WH,0 movwf TXREG ;Transmit to PC call Delay call Delay movf WL,0 movwf TXREG ;T
Hello, i want a sample code to use atmega8535 to transfer over 433Mhz Rf i tried uart to transfer between two microcontrollers and it works , but with RF it show nothing...
Hi all. I m doing a RFID project using pic 16f877A. For this i need two asynchronous serial type communication. I used my USART for one of the above. How to solve the latter. Can anyone help me.
Do not use the uart. You must bit-bang the data out of one of the port pins. This is what I do. Transmission looks like this: 1. Send 3 preamble bytes (055h,0AAh,0FFh) Using regular bit rate. In my case it is 300uS per bit. 2. Send two start bits. Each bit is double bit rate. In my case it is 600uS per bit. (low for 600uS, then high for
I have this project using this PIC24F04KA201. I have two inputs coming from two sensors, temp and load cell. I want to acquire the two data via serial port(RS232) to be plotted using MATLAB. This project is all about getting the moisture content of the soil using an oven that is controlled by the MCU, only on and off of the oven. The host (...)
I have made a small project. This project is used to display bmp image on 128*64 lcd through uart. And include two part program: software used vc in pc ,and firmware runing in avr. There is a example: This is image needed to is
hello i want to communicate b/w two microcontroller . can you help me:idea:
Hi You Can't connect uart to USB and expect it to work!, it is two different methods of communication To access a USB slave (like a cellphone) you will need to connect it to a USB master (like a PC) I suggest that you need to learn more about USB a uart before trying to work them together - try Wikipedia All the best Bobi (...)
Hi Are you looking for full duplex RS485 or half duplex? for half duplex network use MAX485 as drivers & receivers to interface the network from the hardware point of view use 1 I/O line from the PIC as the Tx & RX select line for the MAX485 transceivers and PIC uart TX for & PIC uart RX for RX All slave (...)
Hi everyone, I need to implement data flow control between PIC33 microcontroller and FT232r chip. I am using DMA feature in order to transfer data from microcontrollers RAM to uart's transmitter buffer. I know that the standard way for doing it is by assigning two microcontroller's I/O pins as CTS and RTS and controlling the data flow by asserti
Hi All, I am going to start work on a Tracker project that will use GPS to locate the car and send the location via GSM. I will need two Serial ports PIC for this project. Can anyone please guide me for the right selection of PIC? Also, i am trying to get a low cost solution, so any suggestions for simulating serial port without uart?? Plz
The easiest way for a PIC to communicate with computer is the uart protocol. Because, you need only two wires and, that's it. For more information, search the older topics.