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I am trying to communicate two PIC mcs using RF modules..... I were connected module direcly to pic to TX and RX pins of mc with baud of 500bps.But it does't works properly can any one help me... RX MC received signals but not correctly.Its urgent because it is related to my main project...
Four problems: 1. You need to clear the interrupt flag before you leave the interrupt routine 2. There is no way of telling which is the first byte and which the second - unless there will only ever be two. 3. You never assign a value to 'Byte2' 4. You missed the code tag off the beginning of your listing :) Brian.
Well I can give you some guidelines, first of all of course you will put the regular two FF (metastability Filter), then some switch detection circuit, i.e. a circuit which will determine if data changed from zero to one, you logic must work at at least double the clock speed according to your logic output (divided by the clock speed) you may deter
Let us assume u have used uart0 for GPS and uart1 for USER INTERFACE Here there are two points. 1.The gps transmits position data to micro controller every 1 sec once u power it up. so, u can get a position at any moment u need of opening the uart port for receiving data every time because u have to send the data when (...)
why do you define "char x;" twice? it should be just once... I think the code works very well, it will read all the characters in "x" maybe you need to read two characters at time??? duh!
you can use two latch ic and their enable pins connected with the gpio of the controller so you can select one of the two This method is good for transmission only, but can not use it for simultaneous reception.
Hello guys. In my PCB, I have a USB-to-uart bridge, CP2102, and a microcontroller, CC2430. I've connected both RST pins of these devices together to a pull-up resistor. I'm facing a serious problem. Each time I power-up the system, the UC experiences an HW reset, not POR reset (meaning, the UC's RST pin is being lowered to 0V and araised ba
Dear all, I want to cascade two dsPIC30F3011 controllers via uart. I have enabled the uart communication for both the controllers and connected both of them- tx of one to rx of another and vice versa. But when I am sending data from one to another, nothing happerns. I have no problem with communication with the PC. Should I use any (...)
The question is rather how can I design two addresses to ONE hardware device that has hardware fixed addresses for the SFRs. There could be an option for chip selects, which might work if the 51 is a send only device. But receiving from two different sources and making sure that there is no data corruption involves a bit more than 2 virtual address
Hi, I wanna know that is Xbee OEM RF Module supports Modbus protocol. I want to communicate two PIC18f452 through Xbee using Modbus it possible?
Hi to all, i am using two xbee modules. one act as a remote another one is base. I've configured remote xbee as adc input on 20th pin, 14th pin as ref. ref volt=3.3v and two modules having below configuration. when i gave a analog input(ADC INPUT0) i was able to see the variation of pwm output on base module D0 pin using a CRO. but my failure was i
Hii all !!!!! I m using two micro-controllers. On the first one i have connected the LCD and its control pins. On the second one i have connected the two ADCs 0804, one on the P0 and another on the P1 and their control pins on P2. Now i want to send the 8-bit data of the ADCs to the first controller serially, and also the received serial d
There are at least two things you should consider: 1. What is the hardware needed for a solution? 2. What is the software needed for a solution? You can get by without a voltage converter using a USB device that has the PHY integrated (most have). This requires A LOT more software though. The simplest way is to use the uart, in this case you w
Hi KrAK3N, Implementing Modbus RTU between two PIC microcontrollers would be quite easy if you use the uart peripheral. You need to ensure that the timing constraints mentioned by the protocol are taken care. But you can always ignore these if you do not want to connect your system to any standard modbus devices. You can first start by configur
You can always use the free Ride compiler. I think it is code limited to 32k. There is a lot of examples for the uart, GPIO etc.. You should also get the debugger which is useful but I recall it only allows two breakpoints when I was helping my colleague with the programming. The only problem, you would have to learn their functions but that should
I need to form a serial communication between two points and looking for a solution. First I thougt convert my uart Rs232 to RS485 but this is limited with 1.2KM without repeaters. I can not use repeaters because the wires will be buried into ground with a pipe with 2.5m radius. I also thought about wireless connection but the nodes are not in
I have also noticed the same during one of my project. I personally feel that there is no need to use two separate processes for implementing a FSM, one for output latching and another for state transition. I have implemented FSMs for uart and HDLC cores in my project and used a single process for updating the outputs and next state. All signals
Hi friends, im doing some projects using pic micro, it need two uart. 1 uart is already there in that pic and another im planning to write in C, it would be thankfull if anybody can help me. ----- thnks in advance
Asingle max232 is enough to do this check out its datasheet, you will have two inputs and ouputs. beware of the communication Regards Nandhu
You can do it either way, with the DS89C450 (two uarts) or any 8051-derivative programmed in such a way that the standard uart is used to communicate with the faster device (in your case 9600bps) and the slower device (4800bps) is connected to selected two pins and the 8051 runs uart in software (...)