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Colleagues, I need to connect the TTL outputs of two RS-232 drivers: MAX3221 and FT232R to one uart on a PIC. Only one transceiver will be transmitting to the PIC at a time. What?s the best way to combine: Open collector buffers with wired NOR? Gate NOR? Thanks, Nick
Hi fayes, You can establish uart communication directly between two microcontrollers, but it is not generally advisable to do so. The maximum length depends on many factors like the environment in which the setup is made to work. Since no level conversion is done, the system is very much prone to noise. Regards, vhn
Are you familiar with 8051-core? The main difference is that P89C669 has 2 uarts, so instead of setting-up one SCON register you have to do it with two SCONs: S0CON and S1CON .. Also, BRGCON will need some attention, and basically that's it .. Regards, IanP
If you are using C, here is a sample A/D test program /* ADC and Serial uart Test Program Date: 7-21-05 Author: Evan Dudzik This program is an example of interfacing with two pieces of hardware within the PIC: the analog to digital converter, and the uart, as well as using interrupts. The program continuously reads the ADC (...)
This is a two wire serial interface chip. It does not require a uart, so the uart port of the micro is available. However, its temperature data is presented one bit at a time for each clock pulse. Perhaps you were thinking of another part number?
The uart receiver can function in two modes: 1) Polled 2) Interrupt driven circular buffer. In this mode you can specify the size of the circular buffer using the Receiver Buffer spinedit box. void puts(char *str) outputs, using putchar, the null terminated character string str, located in SRAM, followed by a new line character. void puts
hi.. i am facing a problem with wireless transmission of serial data.what i need to do is to interface two PICs.i have to send serial data output at uart of one pic to input of another pic using could i do it? r u using pic with wireless trancevers or external rf trancivers
Hi, We have two uart peripherals in our reference board and the primary port is connected to the cellular software and so it does not log any data other than the protocol specification. SO, we log any error log or data through uart2 to the hyperterminal in the PC. Now the tests that I have been running has stopped and it has dumped wierd (...)
yes, you can communicate to 2 uartS at the same time. You said there are two uarts, i presume it is hardware uarts. so where is the problem. If you are using a two pin config(tx and RX) then a single level translator max 232 is sufficient. in case of 2 hardware uarts, even data transfer from (...)
Hello, I have one module that has two operating uart, uart1 is 2V8, and 3V tolerant. uart2 is 1V8. I want to interface these uart to a Spartan3 FPGA, which i believe I/O signals are . Do i need a transceiver to switch levels? Could you recommend me one reference? Thanks
hi.... can two pic 16f877a connected port to port directly.... please help me...
Hi, For clock syncronisation, you could use 'manchester encoding'. There's plenty of info on that on google :D As for implementation, a uart can send manchester encoded data easily, although you'll be halfing your bandwidth, because 1 data byte = two manchester encoded bytes. I blieve thers some code for a PIC microcontroller availabe on t
You need two things: 1. RS-232 transceiver - IC which translates the levels of CMOS/TTL to RS-232. for example MAX3232 - MAXIM 2. In your FPGA you should have a uart block. You may get from
Hi All, I would like to introduce a new product: Signalyzer is a small but very versatile and flexible dual channel multifunctional and multi-protocol device. Dual channel design provides two channels which can be individually configured. Whether you need JTAG Boundary-Scan interface to program and debug your design or your project requir
Hi, Is it possible to use one uart only with bus network topology??? Meaning to connect the PC's uart, the slave's uart and the microcontroller's uart all to each other...and make sure that only one will be transmitting at a time. Is this possible???? Regards, Shohdy
Hi, I am doing a project which includes interfacing JOP with I2s via Wishbone.input and output of wishbone is parallel(32 bits). In JOP the output comes in two ways 1.via uart.(serial output) 2.via external memory.(parallel output) so i am opting the second one to connect it to wishbone. now the problem is i downloaded whole code of JOP fro
Theoreticaly it could be possible e.g with two PIC 18F4550 and using parallel. ... or two FTDI USB-to-uart chips. But this is madness, I think. This is not necessarily madness. Such device can be used to simulate a USB device, which doesn't yet exist, with a PC.
Take a look at these two candidates: DS89C420, 430, 440 or 450 P89LV51RB2/ Regards, IanP
Hi, if you whant to had two RS connectors, and switch uC USART betwen them you can do this, my suggestion si to switch standard logic level and put two MAX232 ot similar convertor to bipoliar output.
Hello, I want to ask if any one had used the 68HC12 with a GPS receiver ? How can I interface the two hardwares. I need a C code for the serial communication if you can help ????????????