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It depends on your requirements. My personal preference is to not share the SPI (it's only pins/wires at most) and have each controlled separately one SPI for the LEA-M8T and one for the EEPROM (i.e. the MAX10 has two masters and a bridge between the two). If you add a uart or another SPI you can add that to the bridge/arbiter and be able (...)
Hi all. I have crazy idea, try to use eg8010 as a grid tie invertor's sinusoid generator. There are many cheap boards with eg8010+ ir2110, and DYI boards for offgrid inverters. There is two aspects. 1. Voltage level - no problem (use refernce setup DAC or uart managment) 2. Phase with target net, right, there is a problem but lets imagine -
hello I am using CCS compiler and I want to use two uart (serial communication).. is there a way to mapping PINs Somehow and is this correct way?? #use rs232(baud=115200,uart1,xmit=pin_c6,rcv=pin_c7,stream=IMU) #use rs232(baud=115200,uart2,xmit=pin_b6,rcv=pin_b7, stream=RSSI)
There are two "USB ports" on ZedBoard, USB uart and OTG. Which do you want to use? Both interfaces can be controlled by the processor subsystem.
Hi. I made a uart TTL to RS232 Converter using MAX3232 Chip. I made 2 Board for Male and Female DB9. My need is to attach this two Boards where MCU will Transmit and Receive. Like below: MCU --- (TTL to DB9 Male) ---(direct connect) --- (TTL to DB9 Female) --- MCU But I can see no communication happens. My system all parts powered wi
The uart serializes the byte to send and takes care of the timing and preamble/postamble. The MAX232 or similar receives the TTL level signals and passes it on as RS-232 level signals and vice-versa. If what you want is to have two MCUs communicating in the same circuit you can dispense with the level-shifter and connect them directly, TX(1) -> RX
hi friends i using Atmega32 uart with MAX487 MAX487 have two pin RE DE if this pins is low we can receive if High we can send 132291 i using printf Function To send command i want set RE DE pin low after Send but i can't recognize sent Thank,
I am facing a situation where I have one uart which is only used for Transmission. There is no requirement for RX functionality. I am using uart2. For this uart there are only two possible pin allocation for TXD & RXD. The first pair P0.10 & P0.11 is used for I2C functionality so I am left with P2.8 & P2.9 option only. Pin (...)
The signalling sounds like a recipe for disaster but the uart itself is extremely reliable. I've been using PIC18 uarts for many years, sometimes two simultaneously, and never had any problem with them. My projects frequently transfer data blocks of up to 32 bytes and some have been in operation for many years without any errors at all but I (...)
Hi, I am using 8MHz crystal, but mikroC expects me to enter "320000" value in the text field. I mean, it expects me to enter value after PLL (8 * 4 = 32). 8M = 8,000,000 8M x 4 = 32,000,000, not 320,000 --> there are two "0" missing. Klaus
two fab. vendors is new info. with one failing one passing. Could there be a difference in loss tangent or lamination thickness and possible RF crosstalk or race conditions on logic or some other timing issue or ground effects. Verify data, signal integrity at key locations. i.e. RSSI, CRC/ECC logic at speed or BT output. Look at IRQ timing,,ad
There also two interfaces 1. RS232/485 2. Ethernet (TCP/IP) In terms of MODBUS specification, they are different transport protocols, not only interfaces 1. MODBUS over serial 2. MODBUS over TCP
I am curently working on a project where a MCU got only one uart port available, however I need to run two peripherals with uart interface (not simultaneously) so I was wondering if I can connect two peripherals uarts on the same uart of the MCU while playing with enabling and disabling the (...)
I have some problem with uart communication bettwin two AVR micro-controller,I am using Microbasci For AVR and two side code are here: ***Transmitter Side:*** program MyProject ''symbol Key0 = PORTB.0 ''symbol Key1 = PORTB.1 symbol MYDELAY = delay_ms(100000) dim (...)
hi, i am working on stm32f4 and know i try to flash my stm32f4 with uart, but i dont understand about erase command that i found on document number CD00264342, it says data frame command should use two byte addressing as page number to be erased, thanks for any help
I've know fixed two problems: 1. count has to be at least 11 Bits wide to count to 1250 2. z has to be at least 4 Bits wide to count to 10 3. Removed non-blocking assignments (<=) The code know looks like this: module uart(input clk, output TXD); reg count; reg data; reg z; initial begin data = 10'b0010100101; /
1) Yes, you could use SDRAM for buffering, but the FIFO is MUCH easier. The FIFO will tell you when it's got data available, when it's empty, when it's full, etc. The SDRAM won't. 2) I don't know about Quartus, but I don't believe you'll find a uart core with built in FIFO, you'll need two separate cores, but it's not really a big deal. 3) (...)
two options : - write a boot loader - have a uart, like what geisler did, with an address bus and data bus to get access to the ram containing the program code sythe
To start with, flowcontrol from a microcontroller is not really complex. There are two flow control models usually: hardware and software. For hardware, the sender asserts RTS (request to send). The receiver responds with CTS (clear to send). In principle, you could use a pair of GPIO pins for RTS/CTS signals. I did not see the uC datasheet myself
Reference Previous Thread: Hello RuH_iranga, Thank you for posting this code. It is very helpful in understanding the PIC spi uart. I am confused in how we can read more than one byte. Suppose we want to read 16 bits. The data sheet says the buffer holds 8 bits. if(SSPSTAT.BF)