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This is a project of a small three-wheel robot. Drive is based on two stepper motors from printers LexmarkZ705. The motors are controlled in mode 1/8 thanks to drivers A3967. Parameters of A3967: maximum current 750
It is an idea of a robot with track drive. For making this, two sets were used: Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit (motors with gears) Tamiya 70100 Track and wheel Set (track) Housing was made of insta
4 wheel robots are more balanced and less chance of going unstable......while 4 wheel robots are usually slow and they r costlier than two wheeled robots
Hi Friend what all things you tried? i think you use two encoders if you want to measure the turning parts else you connect the encoder to the wheel of the robot, calibrate that for 1 rotation in distance. now start counting the distance what are the problems that you are facing? please post it then only anyone can help you (...)
Am currently doing a fighting robot project, in order for the steering of this robot to be more effective i am in need of a v tail mixer to mix the two channels together before they are decoded by my PIC into forward and reverse for each wheel and PWM to control the speed. I did find a program, with PIC layout yesterday (...)
Hello Pegasus9641, Regarding your enquiry> Use DC motors and H bridge drivers. The motors will be smaller and you dont need to code stepper motor sequences, etc. Use two drive wheels and a single caster wheel. Command one drive to move forward and the other drive to move backwards. That will make the robot start to (...)
Hi, I am working on robotics, with little knowledge on physics. I tend to use mostly thumb rules and trial and error methods to solve problems. Now I have at hand a project to build balancing robot, with servos and PIC controller. I have planned to start the project after I dig to level where I find myself confident of starting it. I need h
any specific work(sensing) done by it, except turning? seems me 3 motor used..two for rear wheels and one for front. each rear wheel coupled directly with bearing used.
dear friends m making a four wheel car in form of a robot. i have used two motor on the back side wheels. the motor is running on 12 v and has 200 rpm each. how can i calculate the current drawn from each motor so that i can make its control using power transistors. i actually want to make the car form (...)