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hi, I want to ask few questions regarding How Ground penetrating radar (GPR) work? How many types are there? How signals are processed?
Communications, Position Locating, Imaging/Detection, Microwave Heating, and various Military Systems (radar, ECM, EW). Oscillators, PLL/Synthesizers, Very low phase noise synthesizers. Transceivers. Filters--all types. Switches, Limiters, High Power PIN devices. Design services, full test lab, turnkey manufacturing options. Can review
i have a question about Range Height Angle graph for radar Detection ... I have a set of radar performance data that I need to plot. I've found several of these types of plots online, but I haven't been able to find a tool that can do this. Does anyone have a matlab tool that plots this? X-axis is linear and is in meters and it measures the (...)
Hi everyone, I want to learn something.. I knew that there are laboratories or facilities for testing purposes and they have anechoic chambers or rf shielded rooms for testing purposes. They're trying to do radar cross-section calculation, EMC-EMI tests, mobile phone tests etc... Do you know that what kind of antenna types are used in thes
Hi professionals, As title, The paper: Performance Comparison of Four Basic Antenna types near Two Differently Sized Metallic Surfaces T. Sykkö, L. Ukkonen, L. Sydänheimo, and M. Kivikoski (Finland ANTENNAS, radar, AND WAVE PROPAGATION ~ ARP 2006 ~ Thanks in advance ~~ Regards,
I've posted this one earlier but apperently id did something wrong because it's gone.. I'm lookinf for a book regarding design of radar system, which explains different types of antennas used in such system and so forth. Any suggestions?
Hi, I am looking for passive seekers that seek Primery radars. This Seekers lock on received signal from radar and going toward it, Antenna types and setup Configurations are my interests. Thanks KMPA
Try this link The stand-alone Automobile Cruise Control is a microwave radar-guided, 68HC908QT4-based cruise control system for all types of vehicles. Using the Doppler effect, the system detects stationary and moving objects 50 to 75 m ahead or behind the vehicle. --chewbecca