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The code is confusing. Why wait 1 second then check if there is still data in the uart? Any data would ahve been sent long ago. You also seem to enable the GIE and PEIE bits inside a loop and at the same time not use interrupts anyway! As Klauss points out "TXREG = adc_value;" can at best only send 8 of the 10 adc bits. If you really want (...)
Hi everyone! I have a slight problem here. I am basically trying to sample 200 analog values using the adc inside dspic30f2020 and then sending them via uart to a matlab program. The thing is, I am sending these 200 values to matlab only once (as far as my understanding goes, in my code for dsPIC30F2020 given below, once we come out of the whil
hello friend, i was used an ic atemag32,in it i programmed and it work well for adc,uart,ext interrupt,timer all...but some days before i bought 3 new atmega32 ics,i placed it in my old board and burned the same old working program, but the adc is not working in new 3 ics...i am using avr studio complier.then i compired the fuse settings (...)
hello, what MCU ? post compiling windows message or log file .. any alerte message during compiling ? try to run you application with shorter lenght only adc and uart, then add functionalities ie: with eeprom ... Divide and conquer, as they say. be carrefull with 230V AC measure .. and earth current leakage any galvanic in
i want the logic for transmiting the keycodes of perticular keys on key press on the display board... Other than sending data to PC using uart you mention about some display board. What kind of display board is it like LCD, 7 Segment, LED Matrix, etc... and how does it interface to 8051 ?
Lack of CMMR on unbalanced lines causes differential noise. uart has ground which lowers CM impedance to suppress stray cap. Coupled RF or E fields at line f. Thus you need a large ferrite CM choke and small RF filter cap (NP0) to common across inputs. - - - Updated - - - Lack of CMMR on unbalanced lines ca
There is an option to do that, but not so much elegant. You can use 2 uCīs at each side, one sending end other receiving. The low cost familly CY8C24 allow synthesize a limited number of analog and digital systems inside, and contais a lot of template modules such as A/D, D/A, uart, SPI, etc... It is important to know how much speed is required
hello, just power up it with 3,3V ! but : Maximum Fosc is lower than with 5V. Chek BOR value if you use it. check adc convertions +Vref =3,3V default value Maximum internal voltage reference if used Use of Max3223 instead of Max232 for uart all other parameters...depend of your application
Hi, clearly, the LPC21XX is not supported much on the net. There are very few books about it. I would like some exercises involving GPIO, Interrupts, Timers, adc, uart etc. to give my students in order to start practicing on their board. Currently I am using the LPC2119 from futurlec. Regards, jonny
Hello everyone, right now i have the adc module (12-bits) which i convert it to BCD and then ASCII number since hyperterminal understand ASCII code. For uart TX module, i use the one in and it works but hyperterminal output multiple times like this . I believe some cont
read_adc=x; putchar(x); Meaned this? x=read_adc();putchar(x); AVR adc outputs 10-Bit data, so the code isn't particularly useful. And you want to write the data to USB rather than uart, where is the data sent by putchar()? If you send binary data over USB through virtual COM port protocol, you usually want some kind
Hi guys I want to sell Atmega 16 Development Boards with following specs: 2 uart ports (One for direct interfacing to the UsbAsp programmer). 8x3 IO port connecters. 8x1 adc interfacing connectors. Stable regulated on board power supply. Power Supply provisions : The Board can be powered wither externally or throu
hello, Give more details.. what is your full scale of milliamp for 5V on RA3 adc input ? with adc 10 bits => you will get 1024 pts for the full scale... How do you display the result ? uart -> RS232 -> terminal or on LCD 2x16 car or ?
Hi, again: Asking for fast help, but giving no details is resulting in no answers.. Do You Have any Idea how should I connect AVR and optocoupler Pins? google for "atmega uart optocoupler" then decide what else you want to know. Should I connect a RC circuit for RESET pin? look into datasheet
Hi I wish to take the samples from pic16f877a,4Mhz HS( if it is given a sine wave input) and plot the same.I am giving 230vp sine wave 50hz as input and transformed it into 5v range and level shifted it into positive voltages. This is my code // Loop variable float val,val1;//Declare the adcvalue
I wish to display the adc values coming from serial port to hyper terminal.I have created a level shifter circuit with sine wave (5 vp-p) and 2.5 v dc as inputs and input the data to the pic 16f877a wat i m getting from the terminal are in the range of 2.5-8.6v,since i gave input below 5.0v ,i got more than tat i expected. i have attached
I think you define the function to read adc in PIC and then apply following sprintf(char Variable , " %d " , Integer Variable) and print the Char Variable , and also make it simple like Check for The uart Code also in hyperterminal I mean whether it is simply reading char and printing char this will assure that uart is working
Just to debug, send all these values ( DOP / Max_adc_Value / Min_adc_Value ) to uart just before calculate subtraction. It is not clear the time elapsed between acquisition and sending to debug. +++
Actually In my view first of all you need to try writing some Custom code on Hardware (preferably ARM core like LPC2148 board ) like uart communication from PC, using internal adc , keyboard interfacing .... then start integrating them in one application then you can use RTOS functionality to extend the codes .... refer this will help you - http
write the adc value to the uart transmit register.