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In my project where I send data from a bletooth device and receive via WTL32i. I am thinking to interface PIC (628) with WTL32i via uart interface. Going through some posts about bluetooth interface, I have some questions to ask; 1. What minimum pins of both PIC and WTL should be connected? (circuit (...)
I am trying to interface PIC628A with WT32i. PIC has USART interface and WT32 has uart pins. Knowing that "Synchronous mode (USART) requires both data and a clock and asynchronous mode (uart) requires only data" I concluded that I have to connect pins 8 and 9 of PIC to respective WT32 pins (16 and 15) But I am confused (...)
have a look at the Bluegiga bluetooth modules generally have a uart and a USB interface making it simple to connect to a microcontroller
thaks for ur replay....which mode is eaiest way either usb or uart?...which pin to which pin i connect? tell me brifly...pls sir this is my first project
hello, is HC06 a slave ? What application *.apk do you use on your android phone.. did you gives authorization to connect with Android device? do you have a time-out for discovering your Android ? same ID code "1234" by default ? same uart speed as HC06.. You can test also with PC + BT dongle and Bluesoleil application wich can show all BT device
Hi, till now I used only uart interface for bluetooth module and the top baudrate is 115200. But how can I transfer files very fast like that in mobile phones? Which interface they are using, other than the uart ? I am using HC_05 bluetooth module and it have different (...)
hello, I also use JYMCU bluettoth wit a pic18F46K22 you can directly use this module with 5V power supply . and connect uart TX and RX to the BT module trough a resistor of 1K ohms value.. no need to uses special level adaptor. It's works by default at 9600 bauds.. No need to programm something for the bluetooth device I use it as transparent
Hi, 1. As Arun mentioned no microcontroller will come with built-in bluetooth support. Search for bluetooth modules that will have SPI/I2C/uart/Parallel bus digital interface. And appropriately select the PIC that can handle any of these interfaces. 2. Why 5V AC ? please be aware thaty you cannot (...)
I buy a Bluetoth I know that this device connect to the micro controller with serial communication in uart protocol but i don't understand how I connect the bluetooth with the micro controller?
First you have to start with basics bluetooth interfacing. get two modules 1> usb based pc bluetooth 2> uart based ready to interface bluetooth for uC. then learn communication between these two.
I have used the Bluegiga WT12 which is simple to interface using a uart serial connection Bluegiga - WT12 Class 2 bluetooth Module However, as you say, bluetooth modules are expensive, one reason why we have dropped them from many of our projects and moved to the simpler Microchip MiWi o
We recently used a Stollmann BlueMod B20 in a similar application. You can interface it in a number of ways, e.g. USB, uart, SPI, etc. We used uart as the simplest, see the hardware manual for details you control it via AT commands, see
uart bluetooth modules will have bluetooth stack inbuilt only thing is you have make propoer packets and send it via uart channel
You can use RF, bluetooth, Zigbee anything they are all serial communication devices or you can use suitable converters for that. but basically they are serial uart interface devices
Hi, Loking at the datasheets for similar class 1 modules they can do up to 3Mbaud on the uart, would assume they will all have similar specs.
Even FT232R is not a USB host. It will simple to use bluetooth device with uart interface Nandhu
Hi baicy: If your bt mudule have uart interface? If have one, you just connect this interface to the uart of avr.
Can you provide us with a block diagram to your system? How your PIC is going to communicate with the bluetooth module?? Does your bluetooth module have a uart interface? It's important to know the answers of these questions before going on.
What kind of camera ? If you havent decide yet, take a look at AVRCam. It can connect to uart, so interconnection between bluetooth and cam is easy ...
HI Use blueGiga module for bluetooth easy connect it to PIC uart All the best Bobi