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If the camera driver board actually does uart communication with LVDS level (not sure about that), you can use a 3.3V LVDS driver/receiver IC like SN65LVDS179.
Firstly, welcome to the forum! Due to the popularity of USB, there are various converter ICs available that handle the conversion between USB and various protocols such as SPI, I?C, uart etc. FTDI, Microchip, Texas Instruments are current manufacturers of such ICs. You'll have to figure out the protocol used the the camera in question before you c
I know this question was asked before many times but here is what want:: I want a camera which can capture video. The interface with my system can be uart, SPI or any other interface that I can understand. The FPS is not very important, 30 fps or just 4 is ok. I could use a camera module which captures JPEG and sends the image
I also have the same problem.. Im using the SIM908 module to obtain GPRS connectivity and a PIC16f877A to obtain the image through uart from the TTL camera module. Image comes through uart and it is 512 bits. Can anyone please guide us, as to how to send this image through MMS to another place? no exact method.. just a guidance would be (...)
hi , I need some information to program and codings of Linksprite JPEG camera ttl with Pic 18f1320 so that the pictures can be sent to laptop via MM232R USB uart serial Module. . Commands from the laptop/PC are to be transferred over the USB link to the camera to select resolution, exposure and so on. These are the links of (...)
best is you can use uart camera's you can buy one from Tenet Technetronics its called UCAM
I was tryed this product and works fine. uart communication, there is also TTL and RS232 version, can take up to 640x480 resolution
our company is supplying all kinds of camera modules,our specialty is uart camera modules,these products can be integrated into electronic system,they are widely used on surveillance machine,security field,car video,videophone,rearview and medical equipment etc.If you are interested in camera modules,please feel free to (...)
I am using these components in my project to transfer image wirelessly. This is not a microcontroller based project. *JPEG Color camera Serial uart Interface-TTL level (LinkSpirite) *XBee 1mW Chip Antenna- 2 *XBee Explorer USB *XBee Shield You can check these products on web site: "" On this website see Light/imaging
I bought (Linkspirite) JPEG color camera- uart interface(TTL). I want to test camera.:???: Can anyone tell me how to test the camera on PC directly? I can not understand the tutorial as it is given for RS-232 camera. It is given that remove the MAX3232 IC which on camera, but I don't want (...)
someone help me for the codings of this... im using mplab c18.... please some one help me for uart codings...:?:
it doesnt bother if you have one or 2 uart. you can always emulate the other uart with software only. if this second uart is not too restrictive with timing, it should be ok look at the help file on mikroe basic or c compilers for the uart function, there are examples of these 2 serial communications with one hardware (...)
Hi guys , I need a suggestion about camera module with specifications : 1. Capture at least 320x240 pixel uncompressed Black&White 8bit gray scale image 2. TTL / RS232 uart interface i want to interface that camera with ATmega128 uC Thanks guys
Its not possible. Because.. 1. Bandwidth of your module too low. 2. USB is very complex in nature while comparing with uart or other standards. 3. There should be mc with USB host to receive images from camera.(Like ARM,PIC32,AVR32,PIC24 etc)
1> you can use beagle board - hardware it has uart input and Video ouput.. with this board it will be lot easier for u to do that.. 2>FPGA is the solution.. get one FPGA board which has VGA ouput and uart input.. and with sample code available on net u would be able to do that still more solu
Hi, you need to know if the connection cable is an USB cable or an USB to uart converter. In former case, this task is really complicated, as you need to find an open source driver for the phone or simply hacking it. in the later case, all you have to do is to control the phone with AT commands and to try accessing the camera. I advice you to use
hello i want to interface CAM-VGA100 camera to pic microcontroller and take the output picture and save it in an external eeprom i did the following 1-uart interface 2-eeprom interface the remaning part is interface the camera to the uart of the microcontroller i want anyone to help me in writting the software (...)
What kind of camera ? If you havent decide yet, take a look at AVRCam. It can connect to uart, so interconnection between bluetooth and cam is easy ...
CMU Cam can be interfaced to the PIC through uart.