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Section 6.6 in the user manual explains how you can setup and use uart in codevision - - - Updated - - - You can also take a look it the Two USARTs and LCD example that can be found www.hpinfo
you can't connect the uart of the AVR directly to the PC, you need to use a level translator like MAX232 >>> Simple Case AVR/PC Serial Communication via MAX232 ? Alex
yes dude i can do help but i can help in only avr and codevision avr... but this projects is so cool in that case if you are confusing with two uart then use single uart first then use soft relay timely to switch between these two uart
Hi, I want to filter string that reply from SIMCOM. I have the string: xxxxxxxx +12345678 xxxxxx. The string "+12345678" is that I want. I do following steps: - Check rx_counter!=0 - Create array has 10 char, array starts from "+" - If (array = UDR)==CR, program break; - Check if rx_counter==0, copy string to another array has 10 char - Sen
the codevision receive the data ?? or you want to program your avr for uart interface using the codevision? more detail please..
Hi, i'm working with an ATmega16 MCU. as u know, it has only 1uart, but i need 3uart in my project(mobile positioning) i know how to define software uarts in BASCOM, but i'm writing with C and i dont know software uart definition in codevision. can any one help me? :cry: tnx in advance susano
The uart receiver can function in two modes: 1) Polled 2) Interrupt driven circular buffer. In this mode you can specify the size of the circular buffer using the Receiver Buffer spinedit box. void puts(char *str) outputs, using putchar, the null terminated character string str, located in SRAM, followed by a new line character. void puts
Hi, I need to use ?controller with USB driver and USART embedded in it. I already found "AT90USB646" but I didn't find this devices in codevision or IAR. How can I use it? or Is there any other device has USB and uart(AVR prefered) .. BR.
Hey Guys : Any one out there use codevision C compiler with ATMEGA162 ? I am trying hard to figure out how to use the printf, puts, scanf function for both uart. Any idea or example code ? i am using interrupt for both uart and configure it by CodeWizardAVR. But the prinf , scanf, puts not supported! Only Putchar supported for both USART. (...)
If you need 2 uart go for atmega162. Here is some link for doing uart in winAVR, procedure remains same for codevision avr too Bibin John
I want to use uart with AT90S8515. Is there anybody who can give me a sample code by codevision to help me and guide me to do this? I want to use interrupt with uart. Thanks.
This request belongs in the microcontrollers forum But have a look here Near the bottom there are a uart library section You might want to have a look here also : /Bingo