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hello, void interrupt isr() { for(i=0;i<20;i++) { if (PIR1bits.RCIF) { uart_buff = RCREG; } } uart_buff ='\0'; } It is a not usual code for uart interrupt ! the FOR loop is to much speedy to have any chance to get any char ! void interrupt (...)
Hi all I am currently working on uart coms with PIC32MX250F128D. I am also using the MCP2200 for serial coms between PC USB and PIC uart. Please see the attachments for Data Sheet. You can see in the schematic
hi i used the below code for 18f4520 it was perfectly working ,but its not working in 16f1847 .I am confused what is wrong ,description about the project is rx/dt -rb1, tx/ck-rb2, if i recieve char it indicates by turning on or off led . I am using 16f1847 , hc05 bluettoth, android mobile app unsigned char uart_rd; void main(
Hi All, I am doing a project using the SIM 900 and PIC16F877A. I am able to read the uart and send through uart as well. I am having isr code which has 2 blocks,one handles the uart interrupt to store the serial data ,and another check for the RB0 interrupt. I have enabled the INTE,GIE, RCIE=1 and PEIE=1;TRISB0=1, (...)
you could use a ring buffer, e.g. even if data flow speed is variable so long as you can empty the buffer before it becomes full there is no problem what happens when you get overflow (buffer full) ? could you 1. thorw away the
This is the part of sending sms code , help me in correcting this. Thanks uart1_Init(9600); // Initialize uart module at 9600 bps Delay_ms(100); uart1_Write(2); uart1_Write(13); uart1_Write_Text("AT+CMGS="); Delay_ms(1000); uart1_Write(0x22); (...)
Sir i have completed the message sending part from sim908 to lpc 2148 using the polling method..Now i wanted to do the same with interrupts...i hd written the code for it which i have attached here buts its not working for me...i am not receiving any characters from sim908 now... please let me know where i am gng wrong in the code..... vo
Hi frnds I have doubt in USART1 Receive PIC18f45k22 controller. I am using C18 compiler. Could you please explain the interrupt vector and isr function.? #include #include #include #include #include #include #define EAUSART_V11 // CONFIG1H #pragma config FOSC = H
Hi, i am using AT89C51ED2 microcontroller to perform serial communication using interrupt 4. The main purpose of code program is send received data to hyper-terminal using interrupt 4 (serial interrupt, echo received data) while the led connected at P1^0 will continuously blink with a delay of 1 sec. PROBLEM: when i produce a delay using time
Forgot to mention that the read-and-store value of some special function register belonging to hardware built-in modules ( such as uart, A/D, etc... ) is also another task usually suitable to do into isr routines, due if these ones are configured to receive data at high speed rate, doing the read at the main routine - having some dalays ther
Hi all, I am using a uart library to send and receive data.While i use shorter strings to capture the input data in the receive pin,the function works well.The uart Buffer is displaying the correct be exact if receive more than 16 bytes of data the buffer gets corrupted and sometimes it behaves well and sometimes it misses the first char
If your RF module is 5V TTL Compatible then connect Rx of RF module to Tx of 8051 uart and Tx of RF to Rx of 8051 uart. Write isr code to receive data sent from transmitter. If the data is not a string then end the buffer with a '\0' and send the buffer to LCD.
hello there! I'm trying to communicate with PC using pic16f877a's uart.. I've written a code in HITECH C.. but it doesn't seem to work.. pls help.. I'm using 20 MHz crystal and 9600 bauds.. the code is given below.. #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 __CONFIG(FOSC_HS&LVP_OFF&CP_OFF&BOREN_OFF&PWRTE_OFF&WRT_OFF&WDTE_O
Hello! I am using mplab and c code transmits the data but don't receive really worried.#define CRYSTAL_FREQUENCY 10000000 /* 10 MHz */ #define FCY CRYSTAL_FREQUENCY/2UL /* Cylce frequency 5 MHz*/ #include #include #include /**********************************
@Jayanth, The above code will give trouble as you are validating the buffer inside the isr... Instead try the below method. 1. Get the data from the uart isr and store it in a buffer. 2. Analyse the type of data received in the main routine inside while(1)...For example AT+CNMI is used in your when SMS arrives you will get indication in
I am using ATMEGA16 and mikroC PRO AVR compiler. I need to know why serial reception using interrupts is not working. The uart transmit is working fine. // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at PORTB2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at PORTB3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at PORTB4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at PORTB5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at PORTB6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 a
If you don't use an isr you'll poll the uart receive interrupt flag (RCIF).
Hello master's I am getting problem while doing uart communication in PIC 16f876a. i am using mplab ide and hi-tech compiler. i am trying it on Proteus so help me to do uart communication in controller. may be proteus circuit go wrong. i have attched file below. - - - Updated - - - i have attched prote
Enable uart interrupt and in the isr, store the incoming GPS data in buffer. make a large buffer like >> char buff; , once the buffer is full disable the interrupt and send the buffer data to serial port to check whether its ok or not. update me.
Are you polling the interrupt flag or have you implemented an Interrupt Service Routine (isr). If you are utilizing a uart in conjunction with the RF module you can certainly use the uart RX interrupt. BigDog