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Hi, what answers do you expect from us? should I implement uart in my design? The answer is already given in post#2 So how should I use this port ? The answer is already given as link in post#4 ***** Please describe more clearely where you see the problems. uart is simple, widely used, loads of source code and in
Hi, But unable to read Active energy register. This is no error description. How do you know that you canīt read it? Any error flag? Are you using SPI mode or uart mode? Please: give us a chence to help and provide all necessary informations. * Schematic * power supply informations * code (well documented) * communication infor
Hi there, I have this part of code for read data from PM sensor (model SDS011 from Inova) via uart, according uart communication protocol from SDS011 manual (attach no:1): void ProcessSerialData(){ uint8_t mData = 0; uint8_t i = 0; uint8_t mPkt = {0}; uint8_t mCheck = 0; while (Serial.available() > 0){ // packe
Hi there, I have this part of code for read data from PM sensor (model SDS011 from Inova) via uart, according uart communication protocol from SDS011 manual (attach no:1): void ProcessSerialData(){ uint8_t mData = 0; uint8_t i = 0; uint8_t mPkt = {0}; uint8_t mCheck = 0; while (Serial.available() > 0){ // packe
when you read the uart SBUF of 8051 you get the byte.
Hi, I am using 8051 microcontroller with interfacing sim 300 modem My First aim is read signal strength from modem and show to 16*2 display. My code is below, My problem - The received signal strength - Not show to the display #include #include sbit rs=P1^0; sbit rw=P1^1; sbit en=P1^2;
hi friends i using Atmega32 uart with MAX487 MAX487 have two pin RE DE if this pins is low we can receive if High we can send 132291 i using printf Function To send command i want set RE DE pin low after Send but i can't recognize sent Thank,
hello guys, I'm using PIC24EP512GU810 for the first time and the datasheet is not detailed, so can u help me how can i find the uart pins ? Stop pointless complaining, start reading post #4 which has the answer for you.
Assuming that you are using the Xilinx MIG core, do you see the signal init_calib_complete signal going HIGH? That would be the 1st step of debug. You can connect it an on-board LED for visual indication. I had a similar design in which a uB_MCS was connected to a MIG core and an uart. I had connected the init_calib_complete to the uB_MCS reset
PIC12(L)F1822/16(L)F1823 Not getting string values in virtual ternminal void Inituart(void) { TRISA4 = 1; // TX Pin TRISA5 = 1; // RX Pin BRGH = 1; // high baud rate SYNC = 0; // asynchronous mode TX9 = 0; // 8-bit transmission CREN = 1; // continuous receive enable SPBRG = 25;
I have a DE0-Nano board from Altera, and I am planning to do a project with it this summer. However, I am not sure what projects are interesting or suitable, at my current level. I learned about debouncing, state machines, ADCs, LUTs, and uart through my courses. From what I read online, FPGAs are good for parallel tasks and signal processing
Hi, you donīt tell wich interface.. But "hyperterminal" sounds like you use RS232 or TTL_uart. --> My hint: baud rate setting, baud rate error, wrong uart setting. Klaus
Hello there I recently got this new IR Remote from ebay. it uses a vs1838b IR sensor and after digging for a while it seems like I need to setup PWM to read signal from it with my stm board. However all my attempts failed. Anyone can help my write a simple code to read the sensor input and maybe send it via uart ?? Appreciated , thank you !!
hi, I'm doing a project for storing data to the USB sent from PIC controller(PIC30F6012A) using Vinculum(VNC2-32L1B) controller through uart communication. I am creating a file in the USB its created well and read/write works properly.Now what is my problem is the file is created with the default date(1/1/2010 12:00 AM).I want to change
Hi, The answer surely is written in the datasheet. *** uart is transmitting LSB first. It also means MSB last. So if you transmit 8N1 while setting the MSB high, then it is similar to 7N2. The second stop bit won't be a problem for the receiver. A problem could be if you want to receive 7N1 data stream with 8N1 setup. But first read datasheet,
If you don't have experience in pic programming ,lets start with the MIKROC and proteus software. It is very easy to start because Mikro c wil give you a very simple library but don't forget to read the datasheet. Zigbee module is nothing but the same uart communication. You just need to send data through serial port, the module will transmit it to
Dear Prakash, First you go through a sample code for GPIO programming of ARM7, once you finish this then you go through the uart section of LPC21xx User manual and carefully read all the uart related registers and for programming I will help you out. If any doubt you can ask for help.
I'm using PIC18F4550 at 115200 baud rate to get GPS information from SIM908. It works fine with commands sent from PC. Also it works fine with commands from MCU. But the problem is, the MCU can not read the GPS data sent from SIM908. I checked the MCU, it can read data if I send the data from PC uart. But can not read (...)
Ethernet buddy, try looking for ethernet solutions over SPI or embedded in a similar processor as yours.. an Ethernet to uart will be useless if uart can't get the throughput you need...
So just read a small story for getting my problem. I have to put minimal RTOS so i choose Chibios. Now i had Blue board which had LPC2148. But ChibiOs support wasn't for blue board but was for Olimex board which has same LPC2148. I had work with uart and Led and the they were mapped to same pins of controller. So i asked my sir that it should not