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Hi everbody, I have Installed ic610, MMSIM12, Assura and Calibre 4.12 x86_cal_2011.2_34.26 ON the ubuntu 10.04 32 'bit the OS. I got a problem with Calibre interactive below, 127577 *** Calibre Interactive: Exporting layout for library "tsmc18rf", cell "transistor", view "layout" *** sh: pipo: not found I
ic610 install Ihave succeeded in installing ic610 on ubuntu 10.04 using the Vmware virtual machine and Scientific Linux in 32 bit mode from the original cd media without any modification to the installation script of ic610. This is how i have done. it is very lengthy and hence i am calling it dummy's installation guide. (...)
I ran cadence on ubuntu and redhat without any problem.
I have installed the MMSIM 61 and ic610 on the ubuntu 11.But I have no idea with the 'Stimulus file' and 'Netlist file' .How can I use the spetre stimulation .Please Help me ! 98675 98674
Hi emax00 Try to install Cadence on ubuntu. I installed so many Cadence product in ubuntu as well as synopsys product. They work very good. If you need help send me email at You better download ubuntu 32 bits at ubuntu website and start from there
Hi All, I meet a problem when I try to install the ic610 on ubuntu 11.14. I followed the instructions here:guide for install ic610 on ubuntu 10.04 Here is the problem I met. After it install the first CD, it cannot find the 2nd CD automatically. I extracted the 5 CD in the same folder with the name of CDROM1~CDROM5. I (...)
Hi I am new to linux. I have installed ic610 in ubuntu 10.04. After entering "lmli" command following error is coming 74269 And when i enter "icfb &" following error is coming. \e Display :0.0 Error "BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)" \e request 18 error 3 serial 1714 Can i use " Setting up pre-requisites
Hi all I am running cadence spectre veriloga simulation using ic610 and mmsim10.1. The output shows ERROR (VACOMP-1008): cannot compile ahdlcmi module library spectre. My OS is ubuntu 11.10. Anyone can help me to solve this problem? Thanks alot Best Regards Tom
ubuntu is not supported see the attached pdf so better to try in RHEL compatible OSs like Cent OS or Scientific linux
Dears i have installed Cadence ic610 on ubuntu 10.10,installation is complete.but i have some problems with license installation.when i run schematic or layout or other products to design a circuit i receive ad error that say something like"failed to load license for ....." i have made a "" file that i source it before running icfb or virtu
Cadence ic610 - PiemonteWireless Install Cadence 6.1 on ubuntu 10.04 ?
Has anyone experienced the following problem? I have ubuntu OS, and mentor calibre (2008 version), cadence ic610. With Calibre PEX, I am able to extract "spectre" netlist without any problem. However, if I use calibreview for post layout simulation in cadence design flow (Analog Design Environment), the extracted calibre view (it is a schematic,
Yup it installs just fine, tested it myself with a Core 2 Quad running centos 5.2 and a Turion X2 running centos 4.7. Mind you that you need to use a multilib linux distribution, as far as I know ubuntu, suse and fedora will do but you may have some problems with missing libraries or libraries/programs that are newer than what IC6 expects.