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Hi All, Good wishes! I'm trying to learn ucos ii. I newbie for this platform. I've some experience in ARM7 processor programming.. I've some doubts ucos programming.. 1. in which ARM flavor ucos will work..? 2. how I can get ucos .. means if it open source or trial version is (...)
Hi, proudly presents its 5 days RTOS training track. Outline: Day 1: RTOS Basics Days 2, 3: Introduction 2 ucos-II V2.86 programming Day 4: Case Study, Design a VAM Day 5: Porting ucos-II All labs are conducted over win32 simulation environment. The porting day can be easily tailored for ARM, PPC, or Mi
There is a free course about ucos-II @ . The course is consisted of 11 modules. An introduction modules, kernel module, 8 modules about ucos-II programming, and the final module about ucos-II porting in general. Regarding porting to ARM7, check embedded-tips.blogspot
Check the Free ucos-II course @ -- Amr Ali
Required Knowledge is: 1. C programming 2. Target Processor knowledge for example ARM 3. RTOS programming knowledge for example ucos-ii 4. A classical OS knowledge for example embedded linux -- Amr Ali
hi,, i am very much interested in learning ucos and linux.Please can any one suggest me the tutorials for learning them hi if any one is having please mail to me. my email
Please send your idea about using java in embedded GUI programming with java and embedded system programming with c? You can test and check it in pc in design time and see it in embedded device at run tim. You do not need to use GUI LIBs like as ucos that are large (about 100KB ) and very slow on 8 bit. Regards 8O