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Hi, I have a GME TX680 uhf radio I want to make a headset for. The circuit will have 2 headphones (mono only), a mic, a PPT and a lock-on mic switch. Any suggestions? Will the circuit work? Dan
uhf is bit hard for a begginer. You can easily construct a oscillator with crystals and cmos ic(you can find lot of them in the net).
You can try the dual-gate mosfet but a better device is a PIN diode. At uhf band, you can use PIN diodes from an uhf TV tuner, such diodes need a forward current of ~ 5-10 mA to represent a uhf "short-circuit", and a reverse bias of 2-3V as "open circuit". I have tried such device ~25 years ago and it works. For suitable PIN diodes, you can (...)
hi i am trying to do a project . in this i want to design a DPDT transfer switch for two uhf/ VHF commication radios. these radios are connected to two antennae. i have a control switch to switch radios to upper to antenna 1 and antenna 2. the output power of radios is 12 watt. antenna and coxial cable impedance is 50 (...)
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the reliable commercial RF MEMS that can be used in uhf and microwave spectrum. Is it the MEMs switch technique mature enough? Thanks.
This type of AB switche (those that can switch uhf signals) are usually expensive. What bandwidth should I desgin too? Are there any commerical units available under $25.00 US? Build for Buy? Old days with only 640x480x60 Hz VGA is easy to make switch, but now with 1400x1050 and 85 Hz and higher, you need handle wit
Hi all, could somebody recommend me a RF-relay for up to 500 Watts. DC up to uhf ? Kindest regards, StoppTidigare

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