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Hi , Guys I have uhf FM transmitter with power about 5W I want it to send video signal through AM the carrier frequency here the important section of schematic : 135260 I tried to inject signal in Q407 emitter ( i think this make low level AM ) after remove R408 the picture shows up in my TV with lot of noise and
you are talking about transmitter. But i was referring to the power generates in TV antenna at the receiver for uhf and VHF. Should say you are thinking of receiver antennas but didn't actually tell that. Minimal Voltage, current and power range can be estimated from TV tuner sensitivity numbers. Something like 100 ?V shou
Hello, I need your suggestion on the next: For a cubesat project I was told to suggest an RF transceiver for the communications system. The specs are: 1. The uplink should be around 146MHz and the downlink around 433MHz. 2. To match the already purchased 9600kbps FSK modem, the transmitter oscillator must use a crystal and a varactor
The world spreads more and more between modern countries and old countries. In North America we don't use NTSC TV anymore since all TV transmission is uhf digital high definition today. I bet the TVs in the old countries still have a cathode ray tube as the display.
We used loads like this in kit installed in 1972 for a 50 ohm 15 KW load for a uhf transmitter. It was a tank about 1m diam by about 4 m high with a bit of 50 ohm coaxial cable as its input connector, which attached to a solid copper tube coax inside the tank. The water had Glaubers salt added to it to make it a good 50 ohms. In use the water would
hi all, i need to send data through wireless channel. for this task i have selected the uhf transmitter and receiver. but now can anyone tell me that how to give input to the transmitter. i have to send two bits, which is simple integers. thank you in advance.
Hi all, i want to send data which is a number(specific) and state description like on or off, which will send by a number of transmitter, so it is good to use a single receiver or i should use different for each one. now other problem is, what should be the format of data, i want to send. third one is, if i use a uhf transmitter an
Dear all i have a problem with tunning of a band pass cavity filter using in DVBT transmitter. it's a 6 pole uhf (Com-Tech CL6X30C) filter and i'm completely confused with this much tunning parameters, 6 pole positions, input/output ports positions, their angles, etc. does anyone know any specific procedure to tune this kind of filters?
Hello I have found this I have also managed to find an altered version of it from an old magazine which I attach. Does anyone have more info on the original circuit? Where it has been published, or any construction details? Also what if someone wants to
what pins do i connect at the back of two gm340 motorola radios to make a repeater how do i tell one to be a receiver and the other to be a transmitter can i put the receiver radio on scan so as to repeat more than one freq at a time and can i still use one of these two radios as a normal base radio by connecting a mic and also still hearin
1- TV are in VHF and uhf bands so, the EMC is less annoying than others HF technologies. 2- Sorry, above my knowledge.
Using amplifiers is possible but it adds to interference. Why don't you try to use an antenna? The low-power systems like yours have only short whip or dielectric antennas on transmitter and receiver. If you try a small Yagi like that used for uhf TV, you could direct the RF power where your receiver stands, and limit interference, too. If your dev
anyone have a schematic for the old "TV Genie" a TV sender with 500mW output power. Here on ebay, but i'm out of US for buying!:-(
hello, im new here and its very nice community... i wannt build uhf transmitter and Receiver, for voice video... how much would its cost?? and there is schematic for build it? and it can be digital that no one else can listen to this, but me?? thx.
Is it any FM Module solution capable to work in uhf range (400-500 MHz) is it possible to recieve 16 channels simultaneously?
RFMD,RF2514,I want to know how to change the frequency? The DT said ,It can fine-tuned via internal varactor diodes, but when I change the voltage of Pin10, the frequency didn't change,,,,,who can help me??thanks
Hi! Help to decide please following problem. The preamplifier for DVB the transmitter on BLF2045 is developed. Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness nearby 1 dB, VSWR 1,5). Problem with level intermodulation distortion - 30 dB (a compression point - more 1 dB). How it is possible to increase intermodulation distortion?
Hi I have 2 questions about a monostatic (single antenna) uhf RFID system. For example: (1) If I have an antenna with 20 dB return loss and the output power of the transmitter is 30 dBm, then only +20 dBm will be radiated. If the desired radiation power of the antenna is +30dBm (no EIRP), then the output power of the transmitter has to (...)
Hello All, Out of interest and for the sake of my own learning, I have been trying to design a uhf transmitter. The good news is, with my latest design I have achieved lock. The bad news is that although I may have achieved lock, the output frequency is slighlty off the desired frequency and I am unable to view the de
It depends if it's big enough to hold a transmitter, if it will be inserted in place and the patient will close mouth, thus shieding the transmitter. If a portion of the device remains outside, it's quite easy, use a small transmitter in uhf ISM band with batteries or a SoC that has ADC, programmed for the job. Also (...)