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I'm trying to design an ultrasonic based level measurement. which sensor should i use? which sensor is best in accuracy? please help.
I would suggest investigating a laser range finder/ruler as these have had the benefit of development for a mass market and are now low cost and robust. They are now routinely used for room measurements for house sales/marketing and the DIY industry. Other possible options are the robotic distance measuring sensors such as produced by Sharp. Ultr
I'd recommend ultrasonic for that range.
For such short range ultrasonic range meters are easier to make. Doing it with light needs picosecond pulses and a very fast-response receiver. Check laser distance meters to see how it is done.
hi Iwant measured water level inside tank by the ultrasonic module The tank height is 8 meters please help me,
can any one give some idea about how to design a circuit for range finder using at89c2051 and 40khz ultrasonic sensors.... i have given a sample circuit, which i found in google. they used atmega... can i use at89c2051 instead of atmega.
ultrasonic sensors is a good option at this range.
Hello I am using PIC16F887A with 8Mhz Crystal to do range measurement the transducers are standard 40Khz Tx and RX module , The problem is 37 always appear on the LCD screen , The code goes here , Its compiled with mikroc_pro_pic_2011_v460 Downloaded from
Hello, In my project, I need to detect object within 1-5m range with Highest possible accuracy. I have been given two options.... ultrasonic sensor IR pair I am searching which one between two would be more accurate? Kindly post your views about the same.
My experience: 1. Triangulation is OK but difficult to get accurate at longer distances (even 3m) depending on the separation of the transmitter/receiver. Some nice Hamamatsu PSD diodes around but they aren't cheap. 2. Ultrasound sounds possible -plenty of cheap parts, used on cars for parking. Not sure about the accuracy and the speed of
hi i proposed a measurement a vehicle velocity used ultrasonic by doppler effect(frequency shift) please help me.
Why not to use ultrasonic t-r pair. It should be easier. Just search the web.
The PSoC range Finder is a simple, inexpensive ultrasonic distance meter that requires only the PSoC device, two 40-kHz ultrasonic transducers, two resistors, and two capacitors. Typical applications include positioning for robotics, generic distance measurement, and liquid-level measurement without contact.