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Here's what you need. Havent tried the circuit myself, though. If you do buid it, it would be nice to have your observations posted back on this thread. Regrada, Anand
I was looking for how to interface the ultrasonic rangefinder with AVR and from a website i found the following steps ultrasonic Range Finder Interface. These modules are designed to be used for microcontroller based applications hence optimized for it. The interface is a single pin called SIG (signal). The MCU is connected to the (...)
Does any have C code for PIC 16F877a with the SRF05 module that has a pulse output proportional in duration to the range distance. I suspect this uses the capture mode. Here is a fairly good tutorial: SRF05 - Ultra-Sonic ranger FAQ: [URL
A Cheap ultrasonic Range Finder Will this help?
Hi, Can somebody explain to me the sample code here -> link. Particularly in this line: for(i = 0 ; i < BUFSIZE ; i++) // for all samples in buffer { cm += buf ; // add to sum } cm /= BUFSIZE ; // average samples [/CO
hello can some one please tell me how i can measure beyond 255cm i2c mode with the SRF02 ultrasonic ranger? I can read the LOW byte but reading the high byte seems confusing....or can i only read upto 255cm? it does not say anywhere on the data sheet i have observed that when lowbyte goes beyond 255, then the highbyte goes to '1' othe
I'm trying to build a cheap ultrasonic sensor from this schematic Will this inductor this transmitter (w
Hi xjackal, Check this out : This is a basic ultrasonic range finder, from 30 to 200 centimeters, it uses PIC16F877A with 8 Mhz crystal, an ultrasonic piezzo transmitter with its receiver, mikro c code:
Check this nice sites
Now I'm trying to make my robot and this is my first time... I have Servo and I'm trying to control the servo with Ping)))... so the robot can stop... But I met alot of trouble with Ping)))... Can anyone give an Advice or help me, How to use Ping))) with AT89S52... if necessary I need the "ASM file" cause I'm using Assembly language...
Please refer this link This may help you
hey are there(this forum) any human????? No just aliens !!! Check this out (PIC):
Is the firmware for SRF04 - Devantech ultrasonic ranger available ? I have seen the schematic on the Devantech site, but unable to locate the firmware to make it work ! Can the firmware from the PIC on the SRF04 - Devantech ultrasonic ranger be read out ? Or is it code protected ? Has someone tried making a clone of (...)