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Hi I need the Library umc 180 nm, if someone can sed me it i'm so gratefull.
here all i am doing process corner analysis but dont know the meanning of model library given by cadence so please tell about this so that i can move forward spectre global 0 include "/cad/Cadence/umc018/umc_MS/DESIGNKIT/umc_18_CMOS//../Models/Spectre/core_rf_v2d4.lib.scs" section=tt include (...)
I've designed a circuit which uses body biasing for NMOS. For this, I've used the umc-180nm's BPW N_18 transistor from their library for making the schematic. Now to make this layout I generated it from the schematic and got a predefined layout for this triple well transistor, but I don't know where to add the body connection in this generated layo
MIMCAPS are handled differently in various design kits. I don't know the umc 180 nm one, so I'd suggest to search in its PDK docu for a description, and/or in its libraries for a corresponding symbol, simulation model and layout. If available, study the layout for its layer and via usage and the necessary recognition layer for the extract to
Hi, Can anyone share with me mismatch models for umc 180nm mixed mode, regular vt process. Or, at least if anyone could tell where or how to generate or find (in case it is already included in the umc package), that would be of great help. In this regard, I would like to mention that I am trying to run a Monte Carlo sampling, to make (...)
How to provide ground to resistor RNNPO_MM from umc 180 lib in layout ?
In designing of Resistive Ladder which umc_18_CMOS is preferred and why..? There are something like RNPPO_RF,RNPPO_MM,..................... Thanx in advance....!
Hi, I need umc 180 nm low threshold cmos library for my project. Can anyone tell where can i download the library for free? Thanks in advance.
How to find Vth,cox,mobility of mos in umc180nm in cadence spectra
You can see this material:Simulating Switched-Capacitor Filters with SpectreRF~I designed one 4th order switched capacitor biquad filter in umc 180 nm technology using cadence software (version 5.10.41).This circuit is operating on a two phase non overlapping clock generator (i/p frequency = 1 kHz). To simulate this circui
Hi , i am supposed to do a full custom design a 1 Mhz cmos ring oscillator consisting of 5 stages of inverters with CL = 10pf. The delay of each stage comes out to be 0.1 usec.. i am using 180 nm umc cmos technology with 3 volts supply.How do I find the W/L values of each transistor? I know the W Of Pmos = 2 * W of Nmos .. Kindly show me a he
Hi All, I am making a ckt in which i have to use a capacitor. Now the options i am having is NCAP_MM and PCAP_MM . Can anyone tell which one of these two has lower process variation. Regards.
hi i have started with the layout for my design. i am using umc 180 nm technology in cadence virtuoso.i generated the layout from my schematic in layout xl so the devices where there.but when i try to genrate a contact from create>contact >m1-poly (N.B. i have actually tried for a few combinations this is just an example....this happens
I am trying to import verilog netlist in virtuoso composer schematic view so that we can interface analog part with the digital one. But I am facing some problems. 1. The reference library I am using consists of faraday standard cells of umc 180 nm technology. The reference library has only symbols and no other views understandable by Virtuoso C
Hi, Few questions here. Please help. I am working with some FDK, let's say umc 180 CMOS (pls correct me if I am wrong) vcs: 1. I start with an rtl code and simulate it. Q. Do I need to include the libraries for simulation from the FDK at this point? How? Q. In synopsys_sim.setup, what is the mapping for? design_vision: 1.