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Check the targeted model library......On which you would like to ride............ Like gpdk180, gpdk090, gpdk045........... Or Foundry Models like umc library Or TSMC.......... Read their Manuals carefully......
I've been playing with the umc 65nm PDK for designing low noise OTAs for operation from 100kHz-10MHz, and have found that the noise simulation results change in strange ways depending on what device models I choose. In particular I'm comparing twp low threshold 1.2V pmos types, one regular and one RF version. And the RF version has an optional ther
in umc 0.18um process, there is zero vth transistor(only NMOS). 1, Can PMOS zero vth transistor exist? why? 2, what is the normal use of zero vth transistor? 3, i build a current mirror with the zero vth NMOS transistor, but i have found that, the mirror ratio is wrong, i design it to be 1:10, but the simulation shows that it is 1:300, very la
hi i have simply design a inverter in 65nm and completed layout so that i can understand all layout process in 65nm. i have cleared DRC in LVS i have given the path of rules file. and for inputs i have given file path but i not able to give correct path for layout netlist so it is giving some error. i m attaching the sreenshot of error message. ki
I'm using umc90mm library. These are the categories of capacitors and resistors present here- Capacitors - MIMCAPS, MOMCAPS, NCAP, VARDIOP, VARMIS Resistors - RM1 to RM9, RNHR1000, RNHR, RNND, RNNPO, RNPD, RNPPO, RSNWELL, RSPD, RSPPO Which among these have close to ideal characteristics?
Hello, I'm designing in umc 90 nm technology using Cadence Virtuoso. Finally I may have to do Layout and maybe subsequent chip design. I have some idea about layout, however I do not know how to place pad rings in the final design in umc 90 nm. I have searched the internet but could not get a clear idea. (...)
MIMCAPS are handled differently in various design kits. I don't know the umc 180 nm one, so I'd suggest to search in its PDK docu for a description, and/or in its libraries for a corresponding symbol, simulation model and layout. If available, study the layout for its layer and via usage and the necessary recognition layer for the extract to
Where to get BSIM parameters for umc 180nm NMOS transistors? I could get BSIM parameters for transistors of other foundries from MOSIS website. But not for umc.
If you can't get these values from umc, you could e.g. use these published values from a (size-wise) similar process (scroll down to CAPACITANCE PARAMETERS). Should be good enough for approximate parasitics. Your equation is correct. For
Hello guys. I am using umc 0.13um RF technology to design a TIA. I am facing problems with Assura QRC verification. An error message appears: ERROR (ASSREXT-88016): cap ground signal 'agnd' cannot be found. Check if net 'agnd' exists in design ad has the correct ?netNameSpace (Schematic, Layout) specified in RSF. if the ground signal (...)
Hi Maithreyi. I also had these errors with umc 130nm RF technology. I am also facing problems with assura LVS run: 89939 Did you have these errors in your design? Thanks for your attention.
Hello. I started working within a project where I am supposed to do some analog design. Since the only analog design that I have done so far was what I did in school, I have a very steep learning curve right now. I am trying very hard, but I have a lot of question on my mind. First I would like to solve my dilemmas about parameters. I hope you g
The WIDTH and LENGTH refers to the dimension of your PDIFF over the NWELL. Hi All, I have to design a P+/Nwell diode in umc technology. The parameter I have in my hand are - width and length. Now how should I choose the width and length? The diode will be used in a dc-dc converter application.[
Hi, I'm trying to draw layout for photo diode in umc180 um process. but there is no device model even in the design document. All i have is photodiode sensor related drc rules. Please help me to draw a photodiode. Thanks, Sree
Hi frnds. Sorry to post this silly question. I am trying to design std. cell using umc90nm tech. I want to know which rules set I have to use. I have Rules set by Faraday std. cell lrules for 90nm tech or umc-90nm tech default rules. One of my collegue suggested me to use faraday. so I want to confirm about thsi before I use it. (...)
thanks for replying. actually i want to ask which process technology of mos i should use to simulate mixer design. in cadence i m using umc .18um
Hi , i am supposed to do a full custom design a 1 Mhz cmos ring oscillator consisting of 5 stages of inverters with CL = 10pf. The delay of each stage comes out to be 0.1 usec.. i am using 180 nm umc cmos technology with 3 volts supply.How do I find the W/L values of each transistor? I know the W Of Pmos = 2 * W of Nmos .. Kindly show me a he
I dont know the different. But Synopsys DC is mostly used. It can be used for any technology 32 nm or 65 nm from ST or TSMC or umc or GloFo.
Hi, all I'm design CMOS detector at 840GHz using 130nm process. I am not sure if I need to turn nqsmod on (in BSIM3v3) in rf-model card. In RF-model card, core rf model is done by BSIm3V3 and it is nested as a sub-circuit. So the sub-circuit contains extra resistance such as Rgi, Rgc, and Rch in figure attached. I guess Rgc as a contact resis
Hi I am starting the design in umc 65nm, it has a pad, I know that at the input i have to use pad, but i don't know exactly how and at which part i have to use the pad capacitor and how to determine its capacitance, can anyone help me or send me some material useful for this? regards