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HELLO, I have a TSMC130 installed in my cadence icfb I would like to install umc90n Is it possible to keep both FDK ? IF so is there ant tutorial for that ? IF NOT how to remove TSMC and install umc? Thanks in advance.
I am trying to extract cadence inductor (umc library) parasitics in HFSS by importing gds file. After importing gds file, inductor layout is visible in HFSS window with so many layers. Issue is that cadence generated 2D file and HFSS want 3D file to simulate. I converted inductor 2D layout into 3D by drawing 3D air box around it and simulate. when
i have made the layout of op-amp in umc 90nm technology.... now i want to add io pads to my layout..... how can i do it.......
i m having the error while connecting the metal layers in umc 90nm technology... error is............. use redundant vias to connect all metal layers
hi everyone, I would like to know if there is any means to suppress the parasitic capacitances in mim caps. The technology used in a umc 0.18um imager technology which has 4 metal layers and the mim cap is between m3 and m4 layers. I am designing a charge redistribution sar adc for 12 bit resolution and i think the parasitic might play (...)