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I write one simple skill code. why do I get this error .. hOw to fix it procedure( sum(x y) let(( x y z) z=x+y ) *Error* eval :unbound variable -Let
Greetings, I've stumbled upon a problem - I'm using ONSEMI cmos07 technology library and am trying to simulate my design using spectre. But the thing is, that I get a bundle of errors such as: *Error* eval: unbound variable - abscapvalue Callback: cmos24modFile->display => adsTechnology == "cmos24" Message: *Error* eval: unbound
hello ,everyone some errors occured when i exported cdl with icfb,it said: *error* eval: unbound variable - aucdlprintinhconnattributes *error* error detected in netlisting, netlist bypass flag set. *error* could not find netlist procedure: 'viscdlsubcktcall could anyone help me with this problem plz??
hi all, I am trying to get risetime for my signal using ocean script.... but I don't know how to set variable in the analysis statement... below is the line in my script that have prob RiseT = riseTime(VT("/OUT") 0 nil vdd t 10 90 nil "time" nil nil ) when I run, its return me this error: *Error* eval: unbound variable - vdd (...)
Hi, there , I add a line in cdsenv as below: asimenv.startup projectDir string "~/temp" nil but cadence says: *Error* eval: unbound variable - projectDir or *WARNING* Line ignored: ((asimenv.startup) projectDir string "~/temp" nil) why? Thanks
When i use the pdk simulating the circuit ,I found the cdf parameter can not change ,and it shows "needs update" ?? Why ?? In the CIW it shows unbound variable!! Any one can help me ? Very
I am trying to plot the expression in cadence: -1/(2*pi*freq)*imag(1/YP("/PORT0" "/PORT1") The error keeps stating that "freq" is an unbound variable, or in other words, undefined. Of course I didn't define it, it is the independent variable in the simulation. I need to refer to the independent variable that is used (...)
I can use AAIM-05222006 with hsim6.0 without any problem. When the AAI is updated to latest version AAIM-08232006, it does not work any more. The error message from CIW is as follows. ******** *Error* eval: unbound variable - HSIM_CDSENV_TB ******** It seems that the environment variable HSIM_CDSENV_TB should be defined. But I do not (...)
Hi all, I have a question about annotating DC operating points in spectre.. It used to be fine, but rescently when I finish the DC simulation and try to annotate the DC operating points, the BJTs always have problem. In the schematics, It shows " *Error* eval: unbound variable " next to all BJTs, but it displays the operating points correctly