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Hi guys, Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between this two transconductance formula? gm =uncox + (Vdd/2 -Vtn) gm =2pi x gain-bandwidth x Cc
Hi Gllster Assume all nmos in edge of saturation ---> Vds = Vdsat and let X = W/L, kn = uncox For M3: Vdd - Vss = I3*R3 + Vdsat3 (1) X3 = 2*I3/kn * Vdsat3*Vdsat3 (2) From (1) and (2) ---> X3 You can do same thing to find X1 and X2. Now from relative of Mx with M1 or M2 or M3 in current mirror --> Ix/I1 = Xx/X1 And you can find va
Hi mplg09 You are rite. uncox (UpCox) depend on W/L or vgs or vds. In submicron (45nm or below) the quadratic formula of Ids doesnt work well. I think you should you gm/Id methology (from UC Stanford lecture). This method you dont care about process parameter
The current equation remains the same in any process. In saturation mode Id = uncox(W/L)(Vgs-Vth)^2 - - - Updated - - - The current equation remains the same in any process. In saturation mode Id = uncox(W/L)(Vgs-Vth)^2 You can find the technology constant parameters of above current equation in Log file of
i think the library provided by different foundry will use the same conventions. check the .mdl.scs file mobility is u0, you cannot find Cox but tox instead, you can calculate Cox by εoεsio2/tox, then you will get Kn=uncox and Kp=upCox
I am unable to decide how to size a transmission gate. I sized them in the ratio of their uncox. In most cases, equal w/l ratios for both p- and nfets are used. But sizing according to their ?Cox-ratio is also fine, I think. The delay is not a huge concern, because the sampling capacitance is very small
can anyone tell me how to find the values of uncox and the output resistance(ro) of the transistor(i.e. drain to source resistance):?: I am using a thin oxide transistor W=150nm and L=40nm
I want to know how to plot and find out the values of threshold voltage and uncox of a transistor in cadence spectra(nch_25_rpo_mac)
Hi Sir There is litle doubt in my mind While designing any basic cell if i refer to allen holberg where he has taken the parametres of 0.5um technology and we are working on 90nm parametrs that to in cadence software where each mosfet is defined in .scs file in peice wise linear fashion with different lengths and uncox which is not there i
whats uncox in 90nm? See e.g. this PTM model card. BTW: Values given there in SI units.