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hello everyone... i am having a problem with my parallax read/write failed to communicate with my rfid tag.. which in other word.. it does read my rfid tags... but when i try to swipe the tag to other rfid (other brand) the unique has been read....??? and when i interface it with arduino duemilanove atmeg328... the led indicator is gre
TI has unique DSP processor and popular MSPxx MCU technology for widespread applications such as mobile phone, radar, low-power instruments etc, moreover it extends to analog/RF fields to build its kingdom by merging two advanced chip companies Burr-Brown and Chipcon. In one word, TI possesses leading products in both digital and analog ICs. In
This explaination is a brief guide to CRC ERROR . The CRC computation process takes a string one character at a time and uses it to modify an 16 bit or 32 bit word to be able to generate a unique word that can be duplicated to verify that the string's contents are still intact at a later time. The Generated CRC code works out so that if (...)
I am simulating an adaptive channel estimator for MIMO single carrier frequency domain equalization with space time block coding. I need to design the Training sequence. I am using QPSK modulation. I have read that Frank Zadoff sequence are optimal for training sequence. could anybody tell me how to generate Frank Zadoff unique word sequence for QP
why is unique word preffered over cyclic prefix in sc-fde?why is two back to back unique words inserted within a data sequence? thank you