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However, for a real opamp R3 can play a very important role: it can stabilize the circuit Yes., it's used for this reason in special cases. But referring to 741 or other universal compensated OPs, R3 will only detoriate the amplifier''s performance: lower bandwidth, more noise, higher offset voltage.
yes Zpi,Zpv and Zvi are usually different, but they are also usually not much different. people usually use Zpi when they see "much" different. There is no universal standard because the term "impedance" is ambiguous for Non-TEM wave/mode. For further details, look for the discussion on "characteristic impedance" in this forum, IEEE or (...)
Hi all, I need a schematic of a MFJ-655 hamProAudio Equalizer / Conditioner like desktop mic. It must not have graphic equalizer, universal microphone interfacing, impedance matching, level control and even a low noise preamp, this is all easy to implement but the rest ... Downward Expansion noise gate, clean Compressor and smooth Limiter these
Of course... S-parameters a set of linear characterization of a system under the certain operating point or conditions such as characteristic impedance ,terminations etc. So, s-parameters are universal "definition" method either active or passive circuits. S, you can use these sets under different simulators.
Try to use LMR-200. Is relatively cheap with good performance for the price. impedance is 50ohms and ~1.8dB/m loss@2.4GHz