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I'm trying to create a keyless lock for my shed. Instead of a numeric keypad, I thought it would be fun to use the paving slabs in front of the sheds as 'keys', so you have to step on them in a particular sequence to unlock the door. (I already have the electronic lock and I'm happy to interface it via a microcontroller / raspberry pi / etc) I t
I want to unlock the attiny microcontroller which is locked by mistake now my programmer can not detect it. I am using ICSP serial programmer that take six pin for programing (Vcc, GND, RESET, SCK, MISO, MOSI). Right now I am using sinaprog for the programing the controller. I am also facing a problem to writing the fuse bit. Fuse bit option are di
i have two digital temparature controller DTC-7700 made by HanBat Automatic Control co, korea. but some days ago 1 dtc-7700 controller keypad do not working. so i see there is a locked pic16f73 micocontroller. but when i change this pic with another dtc-7700 it work now i need to unlock to read my good pic16f73 program......and make my tw
Hi, In past, i worked in One of the Biometrics company.. What they do is .. they buy finger print module from suprima and magnetic lock also availabele we just s/w relay by microcontroller to lock and unlock this lock.. Suprima module is DSP module and has own testing s/w and command which made fast development of ur project.. Other wise if
The AT89C52 is not OTP (one-time programmable) microcontroller but once the lock bits are set you can not revers this function .. Use the ERASE function to erase it's FLASH (including all 3 lock bits) and then you can re-program it again .. If you want to unlock lock bits and read internal program memory - don't wast your time .. Regards, Ian
I think the chip is locked self and i can't unlock it. The chip is unlocked once an erase command has been issued. If you're using Asim Khan ISP3.0 then clicking on write button will first erase the chip and then the new hex file written into microcontroller. In order to check your circuit, click on "Signature" button. At
hi i was wondering if it is possible if i could unlock a locked microcontroller , i need the code from a 87C51 microcontroller. can anyone help me find some information on unlocking that could be helpful to me.