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Hello, I am running Ubuntu and have also phone with no rpmb partition on emmc(Nexus 5x), officially it had been created but I have replaced motherboard and downstairs have it.i cannot even unlock bootloader because state of boot is written on emmc so after reboot is everything as before unlocking. Emmc is by toshiba, exactly Toshiba (...)
Dear All, When I try to disable (temporarily) all outgoing/incoming voice/data calls, the GSM module requires password to act ( I also tested on Mobile phone, it also required password). I didn't set any password for any lock/unlock facility. So, I tested sending AT command using blank password, it rejects. The AT command I used to disable c
anyone know how to unlock a vodafone 527 so that it can work on other net works email me
Pls help me to unlock Sony Ericsson T303 S/N: WUJ00LTXKC 35984302-229416-9. when I enter sim on it, it says wrong SIM thank you very much
Hi all, a pleasant day to you all my EDAmates... I have a WCDMA TriBand Mobile unit from LGE modeled KU250 I am using it on my local telecomm service provider in my country But I found out that my unit is LOCKED for this provider only Literally I need of an NCK code to unlock it for other network from searching the net, I found so
Hi, How do I unlock my Motorola C200 mobile phone? Regards, Fernando
you need an old phone and unlock its pll then strobe up and down the freq output on tx so jam tx carrier then add 1khz dtmf tone and ramp up and down as fast as possible better is an electric motor of a type for jamming radio has brushes on its armiture rotor cylinder fixed magnets and coils the brushes move round the inside of th
There are many sites discuss how to unlock Nokia 6101, just googling with unlock 6101 keyword
Very interesting AVR Door Lock project, use Telecard (phone card) as door unlock key, complete with schematic, source code and any related informations.
hi all we have the new soulition for unlock new ver for moto c117 in some country only with infinty box thanks
hi does any one have the schematics of the sony ericsson z1010 sim unlock data cable. are these just cables to interface the phone to the serial port (RS232). or do they have any other speciality? Rgds rogger
Hi I am Tolu and am new here. I have a NEC cellphone which a friend tried to unlock. the phone was old and battered and the battery was low so he tried to charge it but accidentally put the charger into the wrong port and the phone triped of and never came back on. Other engineers couldn't find what went wrong so i decided (...)
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