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Hi all, I am testing a design which uses a SAW filter as part of the chain, and I have noted that unless I pad the inputs and outputs with 50-ohm attenuators (about 3 dB each), the passband ripple is horrible. I have simulated (S-parameters) the SAW filter in its normal environment which is in between two amplifiers, and the simulation doesn't
The code makses no sense, the braces are misplaced or unmatched. It won't compile at all. Please check.
Hello guys, I'm new on Cadence and I'm designing the layout of an OTA and on the LVS I have encountered the following message: "unmatched Internal Nets" I think regarding the connection between: ->The bulk and the vdd! of the transistors (WHITE on the image) ->The connection between the bulk and the com_diff net (BLUE on the image) The imag
Hi all.. THese are the few lines that i extracted in the logfile using conformal. And i have a few questions. // (F30) Ignored 3 weak device(s) due to the existence of strong device(s) // Warning: Golden and Revised have different numbers of key points: // Golden key points = 14 // Revised key points = 26 // Mapping key points ... // Warni
Quartus also generates a lot of unwanted warnings in parameterized designs (e.g. various constant expressions, undriven signals), but no unmatched string length in if generate expressions. Of cause each of this warnings has a purpose in some context, but they are disturbing me though and I usually disable it with a message_off synthesis attribute.
What is it that bothers you? The over and undershoot? That would partially be because of the poor return path (ie your breadboard). Its also because it is an unmatched translission line. You can dampen those effects by keeping the line short. Another solution is to add a series resistor but that will increase switching losses.
The "diamond" buffer has the advantage of a higher input impedance, letting your preceding gain stage do its work without degrading the gain (via parallel Rout). A "complementary bipolar" process will be designed with some aims being roughly-matched NPN and PNP Vbe-for-Ic, roughly-matched Hfe-for-Ic so that the "unmatched" devices will match wel
what are unmatched Instances,Bad Matched Nets,Bad Matched Nets in LVS errors?? unmatched Instances: e.g. different pin names, different numbers of instances: example: instance<0:7> in schematic, only 7 instances found in layout. Bad Matched Nets: e.g. output routed to different numbers of inputs
Inverters are not always matched. The HL (High-to-Low) and LH (Low-to-High) delay of an unmatched inverter / gate are not equal. This is why, imo, considering the 50% of input and output values for delay calculations makes the most sense because at those points, we would be having the mean HL and LH delays.
(1)the report_unmatched_points has a lot of unmatched points (2)tge report_failing has no unmatched points does the LEC pass , thanks.
I see two options: - build the cable TV wiring using correct components, a lossless -3dB splitter and coaxial cable of correct characteristic impedance - do what you like, and check if the result meets your demands At worst case, the reflections caused my connecting unmatched cables will also affect the viewing quality of the other TV receiver
Your design has too many black boxes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- unmatched Objects REF IMPL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black-boxes (BBox)
Dear Mr. Erchirag, I have Xeltek programmer SuperPro 5000 last month. but adapter CX0001, Error : unmatched adapter Can you give information about this error?
Create an empty schematic page and use: Place->Sheet Symbol. Do this for every page in the schematic. Double click on the Sheet symbol and set Filename to schematic page you would like to include in the hierarchy. Then, right click on Sheet Symbol and: Sheet Symbol Actions -> Synchronize sheet Entries and Ports. Select "unmatched ports" and press A
There are masses of unmatched curly brackets in the code, so it's impossible to determine where functions start or end and what may be meaned as a prototype or a function call. If it's expected to be a copy of known working code, try to get the original one. If you haven written it from the scratch, start to learn C syntax. P.S.: Most recent
Rewires are a class of unmatched nets where the LVS thinks it has a better idea. It's usually better to work from nets than devices, because a net usually "fixes" or "breaks" many devices at once. You have to slog through the rewires and unmatched nets one at a time, highlight the stuff they call out and look for what's broken or unhook
Bellow is the assura lvs problem ,Is the option missed in the setting file. Does someone can help me to solve it. Thank you! ################################################### ****** rpposab_ckt(Generic) rpposab_ckt(Generic) ******************************************************************************* Filter Statistics =======
Hi, I did a schematic in s-edit and exported a tpr file. I import it to l-edit and do all the setup stuff. When I choose to run place & route I get errors like no ABUT port and unmatched (or something like that) Vdd ports. So I found out that I had to have ports named ABUT drawn around the standard cells, so I drew them, and then fixed the V
When I ran LVS, the schematic and the layout were matched. However, when I ran XRC, they were unmatched. There are some property errors as follows. PROPERTY ERRORS DISC# LAYOUT _______________________________SOURCE_____________ERROR ************************************************************************************************************
how could we check pcb file against schematic in dxp6.8 to be sure that no nets is unmatched?