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Do some basic check that your gsm is working and receiving the sms properly.Test and checked with single msg send command from PC and controller.Lcd is working fine try display simple text and initialization all working good. Then you can switch over the receive the massage part.Sorry I didn't go through the code.I will update soon on your code
What is your display size? Is it taking more current than MAX7219 can handle? In your code, you should rearrange it using a state variable like below. right now there are many logic that can go wrong in the loop. And the display update you should put a timer interrupt like 100ms to update a global counter variable to (...)
Hi, (almost) every FFT is possible. The question is the number of samples and what time it may use for calculating. Please specify the FFT parameters. In many cases a display update rate of 3 per second is no problem. Klaus
Hi, I canīt help with the PIC.. Is the numbering of the ADC channels correct? --> When you select channel6, is this referring to correct port pin? but some hints, if you donīt mind. * a capacitor next to the ADC input pins helps to make readings more stable * a display update every 300ms is enough, so i recommend to use a 300ms dely in your mai
HI ALL, I have this plotter .... I have few questions ... Do I need to install internal hard drive for this plotter? Where I can get firmware update for Flash SIMM card? Printer has ALL LEDs are blinking and on display I can see "A" Any ideas? Thank you for your help, guys.
Initialization 1. set timer 0 as counter by using T0CKI clock input 2. set the corresponding bit in TRISx register which connects to T0CKI external clock to 1. 3. set an interrupt for timer0 in interrupt routine. Normal operation 1. when interrupt occurs add one to a static or global variable 2. update it to a LCD display or on UART or reset timer
Your circuit is fine. I will check the code and update. I think this is causing the problem. I guess it should loop from i = 0 to i < 16. The lcdbuf1 and lcdbuf2 doesn't contain anything and hence 1st coloum of LCD will be always blank but the 16th column will be filled. If you have Proteus file then Zip and post it here. [syntax
Hello seniors.. I have succesfully configure my ds12c887 rtc to be read and to display everything on the jhd162a 16*2 lcd using 16f877a... Problem.. When i m tryng to update the date and time its getting hard to do that.. Last time i tried to turn on the swuarewave pulse for 2hz but it ws not working...but then i repeated the call for that su
Hello im looking for a 0.2mm pitch FFC/FPC Cable with 21pin. Its for a private project. i have to connect a display to a android board. till now i did not found any suplyer. any idea where i can get such a cable ? Thanks dc - - - updated - - - ... update: i'm looking for a cable for this connec
I'm working on arduino based project, that actually can perform 3 features: 1. Virtual Touch Screen, for remote control purposes big screen TV, projectors, public display, or for interactive games 2. 3D Ultrasonic Radar, small range - 3 m for now, but real time with update rate 50 fps; 3. Precise distance measurements , down do 12 micromete
Hey,thank you Sir for the response I want to display on seven segment and I would like to be able to set the time,to update the system if possible.I am using PCF8583 not DSO1307. Thank you!!
Hi, Give us some more information: What is your disired max. Rpm to disply? What is your desired resolution of rpm? How often do you like to update your display? Hint: Usually you wait a known fixed time and count the pulses. Then calculate rpm by: counts/time With low rpm one waits for a rising edge of sensor signal and measures the time
What would be the benefit of this, when update rates above 100Hz can't be followed by the eye? "The higher the better" may feel good to say, but is certainly untrue by some point.
A 2x16 character display can be updated in less than 10 ms, using either 4- or 8-bit mode (if coded appropriately). For a periodical refresh, you'll probably want to use a timer or a flag set in a timer interrupt.
Please bear with me. I've to toggle a pin every 125 milliseconds and every minute I've to update the eeprom with a value after comparing with the previous value. For measuring time I'm using Timer 0 and it's ISR. Every minute I've to display the eeprom value in an LCD. My PROBLEM is that for the 1 second period the toggling is working fine, but dur
Intel dg31pr starting normal but when resetting it shows no display error and on debug card it stops at 1130 error code I have already checked ram cpu smps bios update I have also changed the super I/o ic and crystal but no success pls help me. I once again clarify the problem is when I start it display comes but after restarting it goes (...)
Can you save it as a template? Or for other designs open it and update it to a changed schematic?
Heya.. got a project in lpg controller for some school kid. Its like this, the kid has to turn off a gas burner using a Uc after a time period. I have done some coding using the basic stuffs.. but iam stuck at "update" of the 7 segment display. i.e in the main function : int main(void) { init(); for(sec=0;sec<=1;sec++) { _d
Hi; As recommended instead of clearing screen with a background color just update the new image. As you insert fix color background human eye can catch it, unless you drive the screen around 100/120Hz. Even around those higher frequencies, inserting blank picture reduces screen luminance. That means a darker screen perception. Goodluck
HI, I used Altium designer 10. the only change made ​​was to add a header 9 and when I have to transfer the schematic in pcb that is not read. saying the 'error mentioned above. thanks