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hello friends i really need help. I am new to PIC. So i have been using pic18f45k22 microcontroller. I created hex file in MikroC Pro. Than i loaded it to Proteus and its working fine. Next, i wanted to load it into real pic. I am using PICkit3 and MPLAB IDE V7.76. I connected pins from 1 till 6 to MCLR, Vdd, Vss, PGD, PGC and left 6th pin no
I bought a Freeduino USB that is claimed to be compatible arduino uno. Arduino IDE is installed and setup (needed drivers and resolving some issues). The Freeduino board was not in the list of supported boards. It was to be added as suggested by Freeduino site 133530 133531 after modification
Hello friend there is always show an error while i attachment a pdf file of 1.3 Mb. in reply of question in edaboard forum. it is ok up to 7% and after some time it shows error.
HI friends, I am making use of AVR Development board.The board is working fine.I am making use of Programmers Notepad software for writing the code and AVR Loader 1.0 for uploading . While uploading the code it is showing me this kind of Error Executing: "C:\DOCUME~1\Pavan\LOCALS~1\Temp\RSI1C6.tmp" -p m16 -c usbasp -C "C:\DOCUME~1\
The 'Add an Image' button is reliable and straightforward. After uploading your image, copy all BBC code and paste it into your post.
Hello, I don't know where the problem is?! I think my codes in C and assembly are OK. I have PICKIT3, PICKIT3 software, IPE, MPLAB X and MPLAB 8.91. The code complies OK & uploading the code with IPE and PICKIT3 software is OK too. The program hex code reads are same on both software. The PIC is not working at all. One thing I
Hi friends, I am making use of AVR Evaluation board v3 and ATMega16A as IC, HEXA FILE has created, but while uploading the hex file it is showing me unknown device. I tried on command prompt and given the command as avrdude -p atmega16 -P com6 -c avr910 -v -U flash:w:led.hex and it is showing in command prompt as foll
Normally moderators would issue a warning about "Inappropriate Use of External Servers and File Sharing Services" because you are uploading your attachments to dropbox. But it's OK not to upload > 100 MB simulation results to Edaboard. Will anybody read it? I don't know.
Hi friends, I have bought the AVR Development board, But AVR Studio software is not installing in my system, Can anyone say me which software can be useful to work on the AVR Development Board other than the AVR Studio software and its version and its specifications. I have ATmega16A IC. Can Anyone explain How to download and install any so
Device -LPC2148 Interface -None(ISP) Oscillator Frequency -12 Mhz
Hi, When i uploading my program this error is coming and how can i will solve? ketch uses 1,006 bytes (3%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32,256 bytes. Global variables use 15 bytes (0%) of dynamic memory, leaving 2,033 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2,048 bytes. avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avr
Hi friends, I have downloaded the arduino software and it was installed successfully when I was uploading the program it is showing me error .can anybody solve this issue or send me the link to download . Actually I have downloaded from the arduino software also
Hi please if any one knows how to do coaxial probe feeding please fix my feeding so it can be 50 ohms. uploading my design. waveguide excitation is not available here only connectors so kindly fix it for me. I have used Hfss software for my design.
Actually I forgot to add one more thing I am using speakers with buit in power supply and amplifier. I have recently been working on something similar. I sampled at 11k2 8bit and wrote a PC app to package the audio files into a hex file for uploading into a serial flash memory of 32Mb. I was looking to have a
Hey, I have made a Brenner 8 mini 4 on breadboard. First I programmed PIC18F2550 with boot_0_20mhz.hex with PICKIT2 and it verified properly, altough it gave me strange warning about the bit settings. I have plugged the USB of Brenner , I have selected the apropriate USB sprut driver (for XP) and it recognized is as sprut-device. I opened the US
Hi, I am trying to develop circuit that is based on Arduino. Now, I am going to develope the circuit that I want to sell so I do not need Arduino board to attach. So programming is the problem. I have checked in Schematic of Arduino Mega 2560 that the designer have made USB to UART conversion using ATmega16U2. Then bootloader program is loade
Hi, i have a question that can i program Atmega328p with arduino uno by just replacing it with its default chip and uploading the sketch to it and then putting it back to my own circuit. for example interfacing LCD with Atmega328p in 4 bit mode. or in other words if i compile a sketch for arduino uno and add the hex file to the microcontroller in
I can't see any attached image.... please try uploading again. Brian.
Hello all , i am a starter in HFSS . I have only simulated a waveguide and a microstrip line so far. I need to design a power divider with mlines in hfss but i do not know how to represent the cables or the resistance that i have. Any help will be appreciated . I am uploading my exact model created in ADS. Thanks in advance105413
This first post After searching I found many topics and useful I hope members if they have a PCB to BIOS William EEPROM Ver. 5 or above and Adapters their own. uploading with a components Thank you for all