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I have a transformer of an old ups Implying it steps up 12V (24v) to mains ACV. A clever designer might (for all we know) install more windings to step down mains AC to charge the battery pack. It will require a lot of testing, if you wish to figure out step up/down ratios, etc. Take ohm readings. Make a list of all
It does not seem likely that the unit would have a single 6V battery, delivering 750W. That's over 125 Amperes. When I opened up my ups, I saw four 6V gel cells, in series. 24v total. Perhaps yours is similar? Can you open the cabinet and see whether you could hook up your 12V battery? Or perhaps it needs two. You may need to attach custom t
I've just tested my 2kW pure sine wave inverter and it's working just fine except a powerful audible noise from the LF (50Hz) output transformer. I'm using a sPWM driven H-bridge to convert 24v DC to 16V AC then I'm using a step-up LF transformer to rise the AC to 230V. The transformer is from a broken ups (APC Smart-ups 1500). I'm (...)
Autotransformer is not isolated. I would use a 24v/12A transformer from an old 300W ups and put its secondary in series in phase with the existing transformer ahead the bridge rectifier. It will raise extra 30V. These transformer has centre tap so there can be two positions available, like 175V and 190V. There is another surplus 35V transformer ava
I have 3 pieces of RS-800 ups with same problem. When pressing power button the unit blinks the overload led. If on-line then no charging and after few seconds powering off. In the unit all fet-s and diodes double checked. 24v, 12v, -12v, 5v is ok! I searhed for some info, but not find anything. I need some tips or sm for this ups! Thank you!
Hi everyone, I am using Mercury 1000va inverter powered by 12V battery for storing power in case of power failure (which is quite common in Pakistan). However I am facing a problem that is when the main supply voltage goes above 250V the ups goes into backup mode i.e instead of charging the battery it starts draining it and keeps ru
Hello, We are using your SFH6732 model Vishays optocoupler. We applied 5V to its VCC and 24v 6.2ma to its input. When i measure its output i see 3.8V. In order to make a PIC's input pin high, voltae should be at least 4V. Can i do anything in order to get at least 4V from optocouplers output except increase Vcc. Can i use pull-ups? T
hi, i want to know if i can charge my 12v 175ah battery with my 24v inverter+converter directly or not. Cant charge 12V battery with 24v ! previously there were two batteries connected in series. but they were not giving the backup time as expected. they could only give half hour backup time for just 3 or 4 bulbs of 24wa
Hi, I'm trying to build a 3 KW inverter for my solar panels.I found a lot of schematics on the internet but with only 12 V or 24v input. I need a sort of a ups like overload protection, battery discharge i would like for someone to show me a proper schematic with these functions. I have powerware 9210 ups , really smart but at only 1.5KW a
dabby21, the LM3914 IC is available in the Phillipines from both of the online shops element14 (PHP 89) and RS (PHP 129) NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR|LM3914N-1|LED BAR GRAPH DRIVER, 3914, DIP18 | element14 Philippines [
SIR, I have a problem my scr battery charging please help me.i used charging circut attach this problem is ,battery charging voltage setting is ok but ampear control is not properiy working .I tried this circut 24v ups, sett battery charging voltage no load condition 28v,it is ok then i connect the charger to battery and sett ampear
I am working on 24v ups Design and i have also make the design and also i have generate 240Vac buy 24v but the problem which i am facing is Mosfet gradually heat up when i connect transformer (at No Load) but output voltage still maintain itself at 240Vac, i have make many efforts to solve this heating problem but till now unsuccessful. I (...)
Hi, They are widely available if inverters based on these transformers are made in your area. 1000 Watt transformers may be available but they are usually rated at 24v if not more, so finding a 12V one may be the difficult part. Find out where they make inverters/ups-es in your area and whether they are SMPS or not. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Does a 24v ups provide longer backup than a 12v ups with the same capacity batteries. e.g if a 24v ups (1000VA) is connected to 2 batteries in series it provides 1 hr backup at full load. Now what will be the theoretical backup time of a 12v 1000VA ups connected to the same capacity (...)
Hello, i have an old ups (ICA brand) type 681b, the MOSFET inside is burning (fire came out from it, while there is no AC supply power, so the cause of burn is from the 24v battery). it's uses 6x IRF540N, but my local store ran out of it, so i intend to use IRF3415 to replace 'em, my question is that can i do that (use IRF3415 instead of IRF540N)?
wireless option is not going to work forget about that. this can be simply done with a fully charged car battery as you said,or any other battery like that of inverters or ups. just check out what battery you could arrange, and find its specification. the two important specifications:- 1) voltage (12V or 24v or) 2) Amps/hour And
I need ups/Inverter use my PC & Home equipments,operated 12-24v DC battery, if anybody have plz plz plz send me.... PLZ
Hi folks, I purchased a ups that did not come with the needed wiring harness so I thought I would build it. The problem is I do not know the fuse I need for the jumper. The battery pack is made of four 12 volt 7 amp batteries. It is wired to make a 24v 14amp pack. It is wired exactly as in the picture below. I need to build the jumpers with the
Anyone can shown me how to install a 12VDc FAN into Uninterruptible Power Supply (ups)? Is it I need to connect the FAN Positive Supply to the ups Switch? Or some others else... Hope to hear from you all soon. Regards, Keng Loong, Liew
Yes it does seem a little high, i was thinking a little more in the line of 25A but the schematic here calls for it: In case your wondering I want to build a ups. Sealed deep cycle batteries and inverters are cheap and easy enough to find but an automatic battery charger with abo