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It is probably used to filter out any noise or spike in the ups output. You can try with capacitor values of 0.1uF, 0.22uF and 1uF. The value itself shouldn't be too critical. You can use the 3 values mentioned and try. Observe the output on an oscilloscope to see if you can detect any spikes or noise and adjust the value of the capacitance to rem
It is normal style of charging procedure. I noticed it while using it with ups. I have two laptops. they both shows same response, charging in bursts. Try with different values of capacitors eg 2200uF or 4700uF.
tahir, In Power electronic : if you want assemble certain types of sinusoidal wave inverter, it is possible to filter higher harmonic components. Due square have is formed by sum of all odd components ( 1st, 3rd, 5fth, 7fth, ... ), some inverters and ups are made by filtering a finite amount of first even components ( 2nd, 4th, 6ft
ur question is not very clear what do u mean by pic based ups? it seems u wanna interface pic with ups i think no ups has provided direct interface with any pic u have to design an interface by ur self
Hi, Yes,a line filter, Relay based Voltage stabiliser / Servo stabiliser/ ups... in increasing order of cost. Regards, Laktronics
hello genius guys, well i want ur help .Can u guys plz tell me the Internal components of ups(invertor).I want parts configuration,Block diagram , plz help
Friends I came across a high power SMPS for battery charger application in a ups recently which does not contain the heavy filter capacitors, instead has a good line filter with a series choke and a small capacitor of 1?F 275VDC value. The output is 110v @ 15Amps. The controller used is UC3843 with a unconventional feedback circuit which (...)
hai I am using an optocoupler 4N35 for output AC voltage comparison for a ups using PIC16F72, Opto LED is driven directly from AC with a bridge and a dropping resistor and a filter capacitor. The transistor side of Opto is driven from 5 volts with a 5k trimpot to gnd. The center of trimpot to ADC input of PIC. My problem is tha