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I think function codes working fine, but not saving value in variable val. True, you are using an uninitialized pointer char *save_in without assigned char buffer. A better way would be a function with receive buffer parameter void Receive_string_usart(char *receive_to) Good programming practice would also pa
Hello, I am newbie to ARM i used to code in AVR and PIC. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to AVR, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming ARM board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like GPIO,ADC,DAC,usart etc to begin with.Can anyone
i have done with the programming part...i have test with simple program..bur i dont seems to get the wanted output, pls correct me if im wrong this is my coding #include #include <usart.h> #include #define RB3_led PORTBbits.RB3 #define RB2_led PORTBbits.RB2 #define RB0_push_button PORTBbits.RB0
if you do a web search there are plenty of links to articals on the PIC and driving the usart, e.g.
Hi, Cannot help with the C code, but wonder why you are not using the inbuilt hardware usart which is much easier to use ..
if u have xc compiler then read this thread and implement
Hi to all, I have gone through the datasheet. According to the datasheet of the chip, it can be programmed through its usart terminals. But is it possible for ISP programming via its SPI terminals? This is my concern because I do have one board with at89c51ed2 having ISP header which is connected to SPI terminals of at89c51ed2. That's why I ne
Hi, Yes you can do it with Assembly and you can use your Pk2 usart Tool to act as the PC terminal. You first have to know what frequency crystal you are using the the 877A, this is because the usart has to be set up based on that. You can learn how to use the usart in this tutorial , the last entry 7.7 is based on the 876/877A chip (...)
Hi eveyone, I need a help in programming for DHT11 interfacing with PIC16F877A. I need to transfer my data on Rx, Tx pin of micro controller. There's a code for on interfacing with LCD but whenever i am modifiying the code for usart my data is not coming on Rx Tx pin. Please help me with the code. CODE: char message1 = "Temp = 0
You can actually build one using a USB/usart based MCU. Almost most micro controller manufactures have them .But would involve some work on the PC and MCU end unless you use some tools like you mentioned.You could try the
Dear friends, I use the ATXMEGA128A1. I try to communicate with the USB port using the FT232. I'm sure that the FT232 works well. I,m sure. I use codevision wizard for programming. I write this simple code: putchar('*'); delay_ms(5000); but, it dosen't work!!!!! when I short the RXD and TXD of micro, I see the echo character, that'
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include <usart.h> #include #include "LCD.h" #pragma config OSC=HS #pragma config WDT=OFF #pragma config PWRT=ON #pragma config LVP=OFF unsigned char x; void babys(){ SWStartI2C(); SWPutcI2C(0xd0); SWPutcI2C(0); SWPutcI2C(0)
Why does the code below send continous no of 'U' in proteus simulation virtual terminal.I am using winavr for programming atmega8 By putting "cli();" instruction in ISR should have disabled interrupt. but 'U' is being continuously delivered. what is the problem here?? #include #include #include
Hi, i have wrote a program for usart transmission in msp430f449 in order to transmit a character from msp to speakjet IC. when i download and debug its showing as some of the registers are busy.but when i gave this option "debug without download" option ,in the txbuf its showing the apt ascii value for the character in the program.could someone
Need some help regarding PIC18f97j60 I am new to these PIC18 Family and have not programmed these PICs in MPlab. Have to use MPLAB now , and i am having hard time .. please help me out in implementing ISr based Rx routine. I am using Picdem.net2 board , have to configure usart as (9600 baud,8bits,No parity,1 stop bit )..
Hi to all, i need a sample c-program to transfer 'G' serially to PC with a baud rate of 9600.
Is your problem with the usart itself or with AT-Commands? If it's with the usart, try to communicate with the computer first. Use the hyperterminal or any similar software and establish a communication between your controller and the computer. If your problem is with the AT-Commands, I would recommend you to check the manual of the GPRS modem you
Something as simple as that works fine for me Chip type : ATmega16 Program type : Application AVR Core Clock frequency: 16,000000 MHz Memory model : Small External RAM size : 0 Data Stack size : 256 *****************************************************/ #include
Dear Sir, I already completed interfacing GSM Modem with PIC16F877A Project. Now, I tried on 18F4550. Just I tried to write sample (LED) program on PIC18F4550 using microburn software (PIC PLUS ICSP Programmer), I can able to write only one time. If I just modified the code or try to reprogram the chip with other program (say usart.c) error occu
have a look at the PIC18 usart examples on Microchip's code examples Microchip Technology Inc. is a Leading Provider of Microcontroller and Analog Semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applicati