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Which compiler version are you using? Recompiled, using my good old v.6.0.1 (case sensitive), now the project is working in Proteus, without any stack error. Attached the whole project and a Proteus screenshot (with a welcome message, created by the usart virtual terminal, on the LCD :-)).
PPS Mapping simply assigns a peripheral input or output to the specified 'RP' pin. The complication is that the data sheet doesn't refer to the pins by their remapping number but mikroc does. You are mapping pin RP10 to output the usart clock so I assume you are using it in synchronous mode. I suggest you ignore the (...)
I'm having strange problem with my wavecom M1202B gsm modem. When I try to send a sms vai usart terminal of mikroc pro for avr , I can . But gsm modem responds with weird character . I can sen , read , delete messages and dial supplementary number . But sometimes modem responds as expected (normal response like +IPR: 9600 ĆOK ) but
It is not clear whether you want to do it entirely in sofeware or use the usart module that chip has. One thing to consider with the posted code is that it lacks checks for overrun error (OERR) and framing errors (FERR). How to check for and clear those errors is explained i the 16F887 datasheet. In addition, consider this line to clear RCIF
i would like to translate this struction in mikroc code If the pic send a data (Tx pin) the output pin 5 of portd has 1 logic if the pic receive data (Rx pin) the output pin5 of portd has 0 logic Help me please
guys i need some help with the transmission of data via usart, i am using mkroc and an atmega32
i need some help on how to convert a analog value from a transducer to a digital value, store it, then use it in an equation, with the result of this equation being transmitted to a GPRS module via usart.
The following is an example in mikroc, however you should be able to adapt it to another C Compiler. The PIC16F877A may not offer system clock frequency high enough to sufficiently service the interrupt routine. /* * Project name RFiD (Displaying CRC check of RFid card via usart) * Copyright (c) mikroElektronika, 2010. * Revisi
Hai UART is also a full duplex. mikroc uses the same functions for usart also. I mean u can use Uart1_init function for usart also
We're also working on a sim900 project right now, and we're trying to interface it with a PIC mcu. So far, we've been able to send AT commands using hyperterminal on the laptop through a USB to RS232 converter cable. I've also tried sending AT commands using mikroc's usart tool and that worked as well. maybe we can help :) (...)
Examples of PIC to PC connectivity using Asynchronous full duplex mode (RS-232): UART Library (mC PRO for PIC) - Reference example at end of page usart/RS232 Communication between PC (VB 6.0) and PIC Microcont
hi all I have written 2 programs (using mikroc),one for usart transmitter(pic16f877a) and the other for usart receiver(pic18f2550).pic16f877a transmits the pattern 10101010 through usart and pic18f2550 receives it.but at the receiver side pic18f2550 receives something else(observed when simulated on (...)
Hi friends..i really need help. we are working with our thesis project and deals with ADC, pic16877a, and a sim900D gsm module please give me ideas or sample program for this: pic16877a will do ADC (accept analog voltage) and then the data will be transmitted to the computer (the computer is connected with a mobile phone, we are using the
Hi, For this purpose you have to use usart/UART module incorporated in the controller. Check the relevant section in the datasheet. If you are using mikroc or mikroBASIC, in the help file, there is an example of using UART and in the examples, there are a few examples, as well as in the manual. What compiler are you (...)
why make life difficult, use C Here is a sample code for mikroc unsigned short temp_res; void main() { usart_Init(19200); // Initalize usart (9600 baud rate, 1 stop bit, ... // Select Vref and analog inputs, in order to use ADC_Read ADCON1 = 0; // All porta pins as analog, VDD as Vref TRISA = 0xFF; // PORTA
Im trying to control my Velleman K8056 Relay Board using a microcontroller. The board works fine when connected to the PC using the Velleman program. Im using a MAX232 level converter between the MCU and PC/Relay Board Im using a mikroc usart library for my PIC18F4550. The code is below. (...)
Hi I need some help using both the usart Tx/Rx and the ADC, im kind of new at this and I need some help with a proyect im about to do, any help if of great use!! Thanks!!
use software usart you can find software usart routines easily from web. Or use mikroc complier as it has built in software usart functions.
Hye..good day... I am looking for a source code to interface the LM35 with PIC1F877A and send the info from LM35 through usart of the currently I am doing the code using mikroc compiler.. So is there anyone who could suggest to me any source code regarding my project using the mikroc compiler? Thanx...
I'm using PIC18F2420 with mikroc 8.2 with EasyPIC5 development board I want to view the serial data I read on PORT B I tried this code but I got nothing on it: unsigned char i; void main() { TRISB = 0; usart_init(19200); // initialize usart module (...)