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Hi! In need of a PC setup that reads data from an external microprocessor and displays that in real time. Like a low level DAQ. Which would be the most suitable software to be used on the PC side? Considering Matlab, labview and the like. Software with GUI plugins are more convenient. usb based data acq modules
Hi all Did anyone of you use the elektor usb daq card based on pic18f4550 on labview? Here is the link Please help me in controlling this card over labview.
Hi all I am a labview novice. I found an application of usb data acquisition card on the link below. This daq card has eight analog channels , 8 digital inputs , 8 digital outputs and 2 pwm outputs. The software for using this daq card is based on Framework. Can anyone make the interface of this daq card on (...)
Dude....i am new here. sorry if this topic is in the wrong thread. pls guide me if im wrong ok. I am in need of urgent help. I am supposed to design a Data acquisition System. It has to be connected using usb to the PC and the data or graphs are checked via labview software. for now i have designed slightly on how my system is... (...)
usb 1208-FS data acquisition card can do the job. It is low cost and usb driven.