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Look at Cypress semiconductors PSoC controllers. It has some useful features. You can configure any pin to any port or any function just like a FPGA. example you can configure any pin to a analog pin, UART pin, I2C pin, usb, etc...., It has build in & configurable ADC/DAC. You don't need external OPAMP because it has buid in digital gain controled
Hi friends, Currently I am designing usb & SPDIF audio DAC. I have some doubt about power supply design. I have attached schematics of the supply. As you can see it is +/-12V symmetrical. It supplies analog and digital parts of the device. Both analog and digital part have their own LDO's and FE (...)
Hi Everyone, I need to design a wireless Game console which is going to have: 1. Stereo Audio output 2. 2x analog Sticks + 12 to 16 Inputs for various Push Buttons 3. A Full Qwerty keypad 4. usb interface for firmware update (Optional) 5. Bluetooth Connectivity (Low energy preferred) Can someone please suggest single (...)
not sure I understand completely..but you are looking for interfaces between analog to digital..may be u need phy like usb phy/serial interface etc...
Hi, There are other vendors like Adlink, Advantech also providing the low cost products than NI. But you need to consider the reliability. You can very well design a Micro controller with ADC to get the analog input, decode, send a serial data either through usb or RS232 and use LabVIEW in the PC to represent as front end user interface. But (...)
Hi there, Looking for experience I/O analog design engineer in Malaysia. Candidates should be familiar with either one of the following I/Os: Serial I/O(ex. PCIe, HDMI, usb) or DDR. Pls reply if you're interested. Thank you...
Hi all, what is the need of usb 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) ? Thanks
Hi! we have a design which is having BF532 from analog DEVICES, usb, ethernet, audio, video and other peripherals..... i have to design power supply for this board..... i don't have any previous experiance in this regard...i have seen the electrical specs in the datasheets...there are so many new terms are there (...)
Hi, I want to design a usb analog to digital card with FT232(usb/Serial convertor). I want to have a minimun 10Ksample/sec data conversion rate.then i want to send this data via usb port to PC & for usb handling i want to use FT232. I can use any A/D convertor 12bit up to 16bit.serial or (...)
I'm working on the design of usb 2.0 transceiver and I need to find reference materiel for High Speed Driver, Full Speed Driver etc. Are there any books that cater to the design issues encountered during design of high speed data transmission? Is usb hardware design a very promising (...)
When I plug-in my circuit on the PC (without eeprom), I open Cypress Control Panel (ver 2.61) for download my firmware, but a message box say: "No Cypress usb device detected". How you can see, I use CY7C64613-52pin: - 43pin (RxD0) for recive MIDI signal - SDA,SCL for EEPROM How can I connect not used pins? WAKEUP# , AVCC, AGN
analog Device's BLACKFIN DSP is a very good choice to build the digital camera with usb and other interfaces.