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usb HOST or SLAVE or OTG?
Hello. I'm sorry for the weird title for this post but it was the best I could do. Anyway I have begun a new project for a LCR meter and the first part of it all is power supply, I need a symmetrical power supply(Both positive and negative voltages) derived from one of two possible options: 1, A single battery of (...)
Hi I designed the usb device as slef powered without VBUS from usb Connector. 1) If My board is connected to usb Hub or PC usb Port, usb HUB or PC usb Port is damaged. It isn't operated again. : Board is using cicular connector(=12pin) in stead of the (...)
Hi, I have a PIC microcontroller connected to Beaglebone Black (similar to Raspberry Pi). The micro as well Beaglebone Black both have its own power supply. Is it necessary to connect the Vcc pin of usb socket to +5V? If we leave it unconnected and just use these three pins- Rx, Tx and GND, it should (...)
What you plan to power over that tiny usb hub ? If whant to charge or power something outside standard and specification for usb 2.0 then you have high chance to melt usb connectors or to damage circuit inside hub, damage of hub adapter is also possible. For higher (...)
One of my studend has made a board to drive stepper motors. The problem is that, the PC could not communicate with the PIC18F4550 in self power mode. We use the PICDEM FS usb framework (HID custom demo modified software The student has made a small board with an another PIC18F4550 in bus powered mode and (...)
Possible countermeasures are full optical isolation on the local side of FT232 (provided, it's not a bus-powered application) and large toroid cores (with multiple turns) as common mode chokes for the usb cable. In some cases usb hubs are less sensitive to interferences than the original host adapter.
Can you please try to explain which usb port type at which system you are talking about? Generally, you have host and device ports which have different roles regarding supply voltage. Also usb devices can be designed as bus-powered or self-powered.
Can usb can drive 2 channel speakers? What are the voltage and current drive specification. I see, mp3 player are charged through usb drive. Best regards, Buts101
Hi all, I am trying to implement usb to RS232 converter using DLP2232M module which uses FT2232C(FTDI chip). My connections are for usb self-powered configuration ( pins 17,18,19 connected to external +5V, while pins 22,23,24,25 are grounded). I have downloaded Combined Driver Model CDM 2.00 from FTDI website, (...)
refer to usb spec sheet and check this link You also need to consider esd protection method, switch & varister....
I m working on mass storage device enumeration process.I have configuerd the device in self powered. i m using AT89C5132 microcontroller. enumeration process completed successfully and device is detected by the system. For usb mass storage i m using Bulk Only Transfer(BOT) protocol. my device supports 2 (...)
Hi check this link herea a schematic. It don't include the VCC and GND. Note the connection changes according to your application speed and if it's self powered or not. Salam Hossam Alzomor
camera uses battery power for the it self. just remove the batt pack and try connecting it to usb it will not get detected. i have tested it on a sony. hock