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A 2.7 v 500 farad supercapacitor can be charged in 5 minutes, if provided with 3A charging current,after that charging cell phone for 30 to 50% battery level is possible. The next level is then to step up the voltage upto 5 volts with minimum 500 ma for usable applications To make use of supercapacitor at its best i found power management soluti
Hi all! I have been trying to build an inverter to go from 14.7V to 120VAC @60hz I have also been trying to learn more about power supplies which I'm find very interesting. I have been looking around at different designs of power supplies by finding junked ones and taking them apart. While it is not junk I bought a 5V boost converter with
Sounds good. Using an X-Y scope with autoscale the VI response would look pretty rectangular until the speed increases and load current increases to show switching capacitance effects on gate current and why low drive impedance is important. This site[
I don't think you have to worry about running usb or charging traces under the regulator, just be careful to keep your analog circuitry away from there. A multilayer board will definitely help protect against unwanted noise, etc. But if cost is a real concern, try the 2-layers and see how it works. Good luck.
I have a usb-powered electronics that has to work even after disconnecting from usb. - Consumption is 100uA to 1 mA (for 100 ms) at 3V - Used batteries are ultraminiaturní LiPo 40mAh, 1 cell 3.7V Using switching converters for such a small current will probably ineffective, so I am thinking about using LDO. the question is - What LDO (...)
Hi, Could somebody please help me, I am trying to get hold of a tutorial for bulding a pc interface in visual studio to operate a series of relays through the com port of my pc ie a usb to serial lead. I have microcontroller on a breadboard that I would eventually like to interface with the interface. All of the tutorials I have seen tend
I m using a car battery to run 2 usb chargers. There is a switching regulator circuit in between the battery n chargers to step dwn 12vdc to 5vdc and the 5vdc to power usb charger. That should be SAFE with such configuration ? - - - Updated - - - Is the switching regulator circuit sufficient to provide (...)
Packet switching starts from the days of computer networks which is how the internet works. Later on peripheral connections like usb have also utilized the same method. What I do not know is that why would we use packet transfer methodology with the usb protocol as well, it doesn't compare to the internet in its size and (...)
Hi, In one of my design based on IMX233 controller, i am using usb interface.usb is hanging while I am switching the latched relays. For relays i am using the isolated power supply.The controller and usb are on unisolated side.the switching noise is some times 340Khz and (...)
I have an application where I am using a PIC24 to switch a usb flash drive between the PIC usb input and a PC. The switching works without problems. However, when the usb flash drive is switched thru to the PC I need to detect if it is removed, i.e. the PIC24 is not connected to usb D+ (...)
hi all, i am trying to design a circuit that i can control a dc motors speed via usb, and i need isolate my mcu section from the power section i tried it with tlp521 photocoupler but it doesnt switch on and switch off rapidly, it is slow. is there any photocouple i can use, please give me a name, or can i use photocoupler with (...)
I have an application where I am using a PIC24 to switch a usb flash drive between the PIC usb input and a PC. The switching works without problems. However, when the usb flash drive is switched thru to the PC I need to detect if the flash drive is removed. I thought of looking at the power line to the (...)
Hi, i got i circuit that is powered by usb and it got a PIC on it. There is a 12V battery to supply the circuit if the usb get disconected. The battery is regulated using a simple LM7805 (for now but it can be changed if necessary). My question is, what kind of circuit can i use to perform this switching, from the (...)
i know that usb-serial devices are available, but being an amateur(?) electronics student, i want to know whether it is suitable to make port-switching circuit or something which involves buffers or 'relays' as mentioned by nandhu015 before. there is no fun in buying readymade devices. It can be done in both ways
A strange and odd demanding plan. Desktop has extra connectors with enough sourcing capacity to be suitably tuned to use. usb limits are low. Unless circumstances force, better to stay with standard batteries (may be chargable) and mains sourced supply.
Hi, I read a bit about usb2.0 standard but i'm not sure that i understand correctly one thing. Well as i uderstand when usb2.0 device is connected on usb2.0 host, then enumeration process goes with Full Speed and then device announces in descriptor that it is cappable of (...)
I am developing a sensor board and have the following problem: I have two voltage sources; 3.3V from usb-Connector and 3V from Battery. I want to use the 3.3V voltage source whenever present (and cut off the battery to save power on it), and use the 3V Battery if the 3.3V is not present. How can this be (...)